Bobbi Kristina Brown (Rumorcity) 2/10/15

Cissy Houston (Whitney’s mother and Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother) arriving to Emery Hospital in Atlanta   By:CityFella Many outlets are reporting the family plans to take Bobbi Kristina off life support on Wednesday, the third anniversary of the death of her mother.     However, some outlets in Atlanta are saying the story is false. Depends onContinue reading “Bobbi Kristina Brown (Rumorcity) 2/10/15”

Bobbi Kristina Brown (Rumorcity)2/3/2015

  Roswell, Georgia are allegedly opening a homicide investigation into the circumstances of the bathtub drowning. Brown family members are apparently making certain Gordon is considered as a potential murder suspect. “Pat [Houston] is making sure that the police look into what happened to Bobbi,” a source said according to MediaTakeout. “We know it wasn’tContinue reading “Bobbi Kristina Brown (Rumorcity)2/3/2015”