Kings Fans Hated Her

  “Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking…”   Leo Tolstoy In 2008, no one was surprised.  Building a new homeContinue reading “Kings Fans Hated Her”

4 minutes left for Sac’s Pie Thrower

Photo:ocregister via Google ill-con·ceived adjective  1.not carefully planned or considered. 2.”ill-conceived schemes” Examples:  1. Donald Trump Candidacy/Debate Performance 2. A reality show starring Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna 3. Sean Thompson hitting Mayor Kevin Johnson with a Safeway Pie ________________________________ Sean Thompson, Sacramento’s Activist Coconut Creme pie thrower made an apperance at Tuesday’s Council meetingContinue reading “4 minutes left for Sac’s Pie Thrower”

Mayor Kevin Johnson Loves Pie-But not in his face!

Not A Happy Mayor-GooglePhoto Philippe Ngabonziza Sacramento Magazine Lucille Ball, Sid Ceaser, The Three Stooges, Carol Burnett, Mel Brooks and other comics have taken pies to the face. In most cases the pie was pre-planned written in the skit. ????? How many black comics have taken a pie in the face?   Moooving On! KevinContinue reading “Mayor Kevin Johnson Loves Pie-But not in his face!”

Sacratomatoville 10 for 2015

Sex, Politics, Relationships, Reality TV, Stupid People, Sports, Celebrities and  Sacramento are just some of the topics we cover here at the Sacratomatoville Post.    With Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation three of the top 10 post are about transgender individuals   Sexual harassment accusations  against the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Sacramento occupy two spots inContinue reading “Sacratomatoville 10 for 2015”

Kevin Johnson,What about your friends?

Every now and then I get a little crazy That’s not the way it’s supposed to be Sometimes my vision is a little hazy I can’t tell who I should trust or just who I let trust me  People try to say I act a little funny But that’s just a figure of speech toContinue reading “Kevin Johnson,What about your friends?”

Mayor Kevin Johnson Done!

In an E-mail to the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said he would not seek a third team. In recent months the Mayor has been in the center of controversy.  From, lawsuits to unsubstantiated charge of sexual harassment by a former city employee. A nearly 20 year old incident involving a young girl inContinue reading “Mayor Kevin Johnson Done!”

Hey Mayor Kevin Johnson “Dont! Touch City Staff” Hand Shakes Okay!

A law firm hired by the city wrote in a confidential memo that Johnson should “be advised as to how his actions  are being perceived” by some city employees, and that he should “refrain from hugging or touching anyone” at City Hall or at city-related events. More to the story

Steve Hansen removes the Cone of Silence from Sacramento City Hall

One can hear a pin drop at City Hall. The Silence hasn’t gone unnoticed by the local press.  It began in May, after a city employee filed a claim against Mayor Kevin Johnson, accusing him of sexual harassment. Click Link for Story  A few days ago Vice Mayor Allen Warren was accused of sexual harassment byContinue reading “Steve Hansen removes the Cone of Silence from Sacramento City Hall”

Downtown Sacramento: 10 Thousand New Units Again?

New Apartments in “Township Nine”  Last week, Mayor Kevin Johnson launches his “Think Downtown” housing initiative for Sacramento’s central city. By Cosmo Garvin/Sacramento News and Review ( Original Title: Does Mayor Kevin Johnson’s new downtown-housing plan actually bring new housing to the central city?) The mayor’s policy initiatives are always branded to the hilt. ThisContinue reading “Downtown Sacramento: 10 Thousand New Units Again?”

Yikes!! City Employee Accuses Mayor KJ of Sexual Harrassment

Q:  Where was the Mayor Tuesday? A: Possibly being Prepped for Yesterday’s Press Conference The City Council voted 7-0 in a closed-door session Tuesday night to approve Sanchez’s recommendation to reject Muller’s claim, according to a source with direct knowledge of the vote. Johnson was absent for that vote and the evening’s public City CouncilContinue reading “Yikes!! City Employee Accuses Mayor KJ of Sexual Harrassment”