The last days of the Stick Shift

  By CityFella, Stick Shift, that’s what my mother used to call cars with manual gearbox.  In her day,you changed gears on the column not on the floor. Like the Mercury above.   In those days, all the cars had foot brakes. You have to admire the skill of those people who lived in hillyContinue reading “The last days of the Stick Shift”

BIG MAN RIDES: 2014 Mazda 6 ( The return of the Zoom)

When a large company acquires a smaller company , the smaller company often suffers.   American Motors Corporation was the smallest manufacturer  in the US.   Chrysler bought AMC in 1987.  Chrysler wanted Jeep. Specifically the new Jeep Grand Cherokee that was in development. Chrysler rebadged the AMC cars into its new Eagle Division.  While the Jeep division was thriving, in 1999 Chrysler closed Eagle.  ThereContinue reading “BIG MAN RIDES: 2014 Mazda 6 ( The return of the Zoom)”

BIG MAN RIDES: Mazda Miata (Wedging an XXXL into a Large)

Introduced in 1990 the Mazda Miata was an instant hit.   It  was a spot on interpretation of the 1960 British Roadsters and unlike the British cars it was reliable.    The small convertible has received worldwide acclaim. There are thousands of Miata Clubs worldwide. Unfortunately its days are numbered.  The Mazda isn’t  selling very many of the cars and being aContinue reading “BIG MAN RIDES: Mazda Miata (Wedging an XXXL into a Large)”

Fiat returns to America

I have never been comfortable with the shotgun marriage of Fiat and Chrysler.   The words Chrysler and Quality have been at odds for many years.   Fiat has a poor reputation among European automakers.   So the pairing of the two in this  very competitive market where the quality plays such  important role seems odd. Few companies can afford to offer Hyundai’s generousContinue reading “Fiat returns to America”

Buick: Grandpa’s new ride

Buick, grandpa’s car . Grandpa liked Buick’s soft cushioned ride, he liked the soft sofa like seats and the simplicity of the controls….everything is where it always was   Many people in grandpa’s age group bought Buick’s all over the world. Buick is currently the oldest American manufacturer.  In some countries, Buick status as a luxury car is higher than  Cadillac. Continue reading “Buick: Grandpa’s new ride”