Study: Florida has more tanning salons than McDonald’s restaurants

The Sunshine State has more tanning beds than McDonald’s restaurants or CVS pharmacies, University of Miami cancer researchers find. BY PATRICIA BORNS/Miami Herald Florida, despite its Sunshine State nickname, boasts more indoor tanning facilities than CVS pharmacies or even McDonald’s restaurants, according to a new report by University of Miami doctors studying whether skin cancerContinue reading “Study: Florida has more tanning salons than McDonald’s restaurants”

Lunch and the Lord

Children and Mass can be a game of Russian Roulette.  By Kissy Dugan-The American In Italia I‘m a lapsed Catholic. If you pointed a gun at my head and made me decide on an organized religion, I’d probably go with Judaism. Or Buddhism. Or maybe heroism. Wait, that isn’t organized. Still, when my in-laws celebratedContinue reading “Lunch and the Lord”

Here’s my fashion advice – put some clothes on

A man orders food at McDonald’s in Liverpool. Source: The Daily Telegraph BACK in 1837, Hans Christian Andersen penned a tale about a vain emperor who was tricked into believing he was wearing clothes when he was really roaming about starkers. If only Andersen could have seen how his fable would be transformed into real life. Recently,Continue reading “Here’s my fashion advice – put some clothes on”

44 hours in a Battleground State

  In just over a week the lives of the average American will return to normal .    In one whole week a  US Citizen can turn on the radio and hear about solutions to acne, learn the we can buy a new car with challenged credit.    In a little over a weeks we canContinue reading “44 hours in a Battleground State”

Micky D’s worker fired for putting too much chocolate on Dessert

Bosses accused her of giving away food, even though it was paid for, and she was fired for gross misconduct A McDonald’s waitress claims she was sacked for sprinkling extra chocolate topping on a McFlurry dessert. Sarah Finch, 19, was asked by a workmate to make her a “nice one” of the  ice creams. ButContinue reading “Micky D’s worker fired for putting too much chocolate on Dessert”

Ramadan in Charlotte,North Carolina

  Ramadan at Charlotte’s first Syrian bakery For Charlotte’s first Arabic bakery, Ramadan is a learning experience Cheese, spinach, and chicken fatayer At Charlotte’s new Arabic bakery on North Sharon Amity Road, Khaled Mahrousa says this is an easy day. It’s 3:30 p.m. on a roasting-hot late July day during Ramadan, the Muslim month ofContinue reading “Ramadan in Charlotte,North Carolina”

Too Big to Chug: How Our Sodas Got So Huge

When McDonald’s execs first struck up their lucrative business partnership with the Coca-Cola Company in 1955, they were thinking small—literally. At the time, the only size of the beverage available for purchase was a measly 7-ounce cup. But by 1994, America’s classic burger joint was offering a fountain drink size six times bigger. And that’s not even theContinue reading “Too Big to Chug: How Our Sodas Got So Huge”

City Critters

I’m a city boy, I’m comfortable in an urban environment . I need city noise,  the sounds of people yelling, talking loud with an occasions screech of tires is calming.    The complete silence of rural life keeps me awake.    Camping is an options as long as I have a good  phone signal and the campsite is not tooContinue reading “City Critters”