He beat her down because she brought home a Quarter Pounder instead of a Big Mac

What is it about human behavior, that causes a mental switch to be tripped over something so trivial like a candy bar, kool aid, a pork chop or in this short story, a McDonalds burger? Sunday night ,Mohamed Aboubaker from Minneapolis was visiting his son’s mother. Returning from McDonalds, Aboubaker became upset when he discovered sheContinue reading “He beat her down because she brought home a Quarter Pounder instead of a Big Mac”

21st Street Cheeseburger Assault

  Mom told her 39 year old daughter you gotta go.  You gotta get out of my house!   I’ll take you anywhere you need to but you cant stay with me.    Her daughter started yelling at her. So she pulled off the road into the 21st Street McDonalds in Indianapolis, Indiana After pullingContinue reading “21st Street Cheeseburger Assault”

Bride Takes Wedding Guests to McDonald’s Groom goes Paintballing

Bride Antoinette Sullivan on her wedding day in McDonald’s Antoinette Sullivan, 28, had spent months dieting for the big day with Miles, 23, but when pals whisked him off she decided to treat herself By Ian Murphy/Uk Mirror A junk food craving bride treated her guests to a McDonald’s  after her husband went on his ownContinue reading “Bride Takes Wedding Guests to McDonald’s Groom goes Paintballing”

Shaneka Monique is going to Jail for Bacon…..

By CityFella… Before you read this. Gently place your hands on the sides of your face and say “Oh Lawd”   This is Shaneka Monique Torres   Date: February 10, 2014 Time: 3am Location:  McDonald’s, 28th Street near Madison Avenue SE, City: Grand Rapid State: Michigan   Details ONE DAY BEFORE Ms Torres, with a friend.Continue reading “Shaneka Monique is going to Jail for Bacon…..”

Late Late Late Night Eats….. Midtown Sacramento Del Taco Vs Micky D’s and a lil Sugah

By: CityFella You’ve burned all those calories on the dance floor, you may just want a lil snack or bigger snack. More than a dozen clubs and hundreds of people. Not many food choices after the clubs close in Downtown/Midtown.  In fact all the eateries are on the far side of  Midtown…     If youContinue reading “Late Late Late Night Eats….. Midtown Sacramento Del Taco Vs Micky D’s and a lil Sugah”

McDonald’s Celebrates 25 Years in Russia

One of the world’s biggest chains of fast-food restaurants marked its 25th anniversary of business in Russia Saturday, Jan. 31. The first McDonald’s was opened in 1990 on Pushkin Square in Moscow, one year before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and became a pioneer for the many foreign food chains that flooded Russia afterward. The restaurant was temporarily closed by the state food safety watchdog in August last year, and reopenedContinue reading “McDonald’s Celebrates 25 Years in Russia”

Mc Merry Christmas

We could give you a glowing picture of a fire place.  A picture of the snowy mountains in Tahoe or a happy, happy family opening Christmas Gifts. Nah! This Kwistmas its all about the Golden Arches.   A Ladies Man Last week ,23 year old Michael Jenkins of Upper Darby wanted things  HIS way?  TheContinue reading “Mc Merry Christmas”

When a baby boomer with a gun wants to cut in line… Let him!

And that’s exactly what Anika Hannah did…….. She backed her car out of the line of a West Palm Beach Florida McDonald’s.    58 year old James Lee Cruz may have been hungry. or it could have been his overwhelming  desire to sink his teeth into  a   Filet O’ Fish or those crispy Chicken Nuggets. What ever the craving, he didn’t wantContinue reading “When a baby boomer with a gun wants to cut in line… Let him!”

The 7 Rules of Healthy Fast Food

Don’t want to order a McSalad? We don’t blame you.  Consider this supposedly healthy item: McDonald’s Fruit & Maple Oatmeal contains more sugar than a Snickers bar. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that a recent survey by the food research firm Technomic found though 47 percent of Americans say they want healthier restaurantContinue reading “The 7 Rules of Healthy Fast Food”

McDonald’s cashier beats back unruly customers

A cashier at a New York fast food restaurant has been charged with felony assault for beating two unruly customers with a metal object during an argument. The women remain hospitalized in serious condition, police said. The incident occurred at a McDonald’s on West 3rd Street about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. The two 24-year-old women enteredContinue reading “McDonald’s cashier beats back unruly customers”