The food took too long so she pulled out a gun

Burger King Winchester Road, Memphis Tennessee 3/30/21 A customer waiting in the Burger King drive thru, left her car and walked up to the window and started yelling at the the employee. Her food was taking much too long and she was NOT HAPPY! (not happy at tall) Perhaps she wanted to motivate the BKContinue reading “The food took too long so she pulled out a gun”

Former preacher sentenced for knowingly spreading HIV

A former Mid-South preacher was sentenced to five years in prison for knowingly spreading HIV. One day after the sentencing, Rodney Carr filed a motion for a new trial. For the pastor who, while spreading the good word, was also spreading a potentially deadly virus, was his sentence tough enough? “I believe he should beContinue reading “Former preacher sentenced for knowingly spreading HIV”

Teens shot in the Assets for Sagging Pants

A Memphis man angered by two teenagers who would not pull up their sagging pants shot one in the rear and faces aggravated assault charges. On Saturday, police charged Kenneth E. Bonds, 45, with two counts of aggravated assault, according to a court affidavit. Bonds was released Monday from the Shelby County Jail on $25,000Continue reading “Teens shot in the Assets for Sagging Pants”