Page Six: The 19 best dressed men of 2019

Billy Porter  Google  In 2019, celebrity men blurred the lines between masculine and feminine dress by sporting heels, skirts, dresses and more on the red carpet. Others continued to hone their own signature styles with an emphasis on bold colors, retro cuts and ostentatious outerwear, while some newcomers broke out in the fashion scene. IfContinue reading “Page Six: The 19 best dressed men of 2019”

Sir, Please Step Away from the Choker Necklace

Do your part to prevent this from becoming a thing By:Scott Christian\Esquire Magazine When it comes to blurring gender lines in fashion, we’re totally for it. Like when Jaden Smith became the new face of  Louis Vuitton. Dude nailed it. And while we can get behind all sorts of sartorial experimentation in menswear, one thingContinue reading “Sir, Please Step Away from the Choker Necklace”