After El Paso shooting, Mexican Americans can no longer be ambivalent minority

Mexican Americans think of ourselves as both an immigrant ethnic group and a racially oppressed minority. After El Paso, that is a luxury we can’t afford.   By: Ruben Navarrette Jr. , Opinion columnist\ USA Today For many Mexican Americans, it’s a poignant scene. In the film “Selena,” Edward James Olmos plays Abraham Quintanilla Sr. — the father of the famousContinue reading “After El Paso shooting, Mexican Americans can no longer be ambivalent minority”

Trump’s nightmare: A Latino taking his job

  By: Raul A. Reyes/CNN   It may be Donald Trump’s nightmare: a Latino is trying to take his job. Some may consider Julián Castro, who announced his 2020 presidential bid before a cheering crowd Saturday, a long shot. They could not be more wrong. Julián Castro is a hugely important candidate in the TrumpContinue reading “Trump’s nightmare: A Latino taking his job”

Dear Paul Ryan, I’m not a Mexican

I’m a black man from the great state of California.  When I was a young man, some of my employers would tell me how exceptional I was as a black man.  How different I was, at the time I felt special “EXCEPTIONAL” I was better than those other blacks. As I matured, I realized beingContinue reading “Dear Paul Ryan, I’m not a Mexican”

Social Media Wreak Havoc for Mexican Businesses in Sacramento

The first of the month are typically a busy time for most grocery stores and bakeries.  The lines were very short and parking lots were empty at some Mexican Businesses in South Sac yesterday Thousands of tweets, Facebook, and Instagram messages quickly circulated throughout Sacramento warning Mexicans who do not have a current Green CardContinue reading “Social Media Wreak Havoc for Mexican Businesses in Sacramento”

MEXICO (Univision) STRIKES BACK! The Broadcasting Giant is cutting all ties with Donald Trump including Miss USA

Photo/TMZ Its time Donald to use those negotiation skills he says he is famous for. On Thursday, Univision said its entertainment division is “ending the company’s business relationship with the Miss Universe Organization, which is part-owned by Donald J. Trump, based on his recent, insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants.” “At Univision, we see first-hand the workContinue reading “MEXICO (Univision) STRIKES BACK! The Broadcasting Giant is cutting all ties with Donald Trump including Miss USA”

Stories of Race and Love

MIXED BLESSING ENGAGED, TOGETHER FOR 7 YEARS Arielle Davis and Ian Julie Half-black, half-white — how one woman discovered her romantic color-blind spot —By Anna Holmes You are a girl who looks like the world,” a friend once told me. I knew what she meant: My caramel-colored skin and curly hair, the product of aContinue reading “Stories of Race and Love”

Arizona and Chile: Concealing history in the classroom

Truth is being hidden from students, while racism against Mexican Americans is growing. Arizona’s laws have become increasingly discriminatory [EPA] Leeds, United Kingdom – When students attending Tucson schools returned to the classroom after Martin Luther King Day, they were in for a shock. They arrived to find out that their Mexican-American studies program had beenContinue reading “Arizona and Chile: Concealing history in the classroom”