Mexican women are sick of turning the other cheek. Who can blame them?

 Women in Mexico City write femicide victims’ names onto metal barriers authorities had installed in anticipation of violence on International Women’s Day. Jesus would certainly understand the frustration Mexico’s women feel By Sarah DeVries/MexicoNewsDaily Oh no, I thought as I read the headline: “A new take on the Stations of the Cross: Feminists give JesusContinue reading “Mexican women are sick of turning the other cheek. Who can blame them?”

Searching for Mexico’s Disappeared

From left: Jovita Flores Donado, mother to a disappeared son; Marta Ramirez, aunt of a disappeared man; Rosenda Arroyo Jimenez, mother to a disappeared daughter; and Rosa Maria Ramirez Rojas, mother of a disappeared son walk in an area near the town garbage dump amidst sugar cane fields where personal belongings of some of theContinue reading “Searching for Mexico’s Disappeared”

Of borders and bullets

If you want to maintain a relationship with Mexico, even the long distance kind, you have to accept upfront that pain and disappointment come with the territory. You know full well that, sooner or later, politicians fail you, friends betray you, heroes disappoint you, lovers leave you, and life breaks your heart. So then, perhapsContinue reading “Of borders and bullets”