Sticky Fingers: “They knew Epstein liked young girls”

The average non millionaire/billionaire wouldn’t have seen the light of day.  Sex with several underage girls under 15? Not the light of day.  Of course the average Joe, wouldn’t have defense attorneys Gerald Lefcourt, Alan Dershowiz and Ken Starr representing them. Jeffrey Epstein exploits with underage girls date back to 2005.    The registered sexContinue reading “Sticky Fingers: “They knew Epstein liked young girls””

Study: Florida has more tanning salons than McDonald’s restaurants

The Sunshine State has more tanning beds than McDonald’s restaurants or CVS pharmacies, University of Miami cancer researchers find. BY PATRICIA BORNS/Miami Herald Florida, despite its Sunshine State nickname, boasts more indoor tanning facilities than CVS pharmacies or even McDonald’s restaurants, according to a new report by University of Miami doctors studying whether skin cancerContinue reading “Study: Florida has more tanning salons than McDonald’s restaurants”

Latino Voters Under Attack in Florida

Governor Rick Scott of Florida deserves more than a flying chancla, but he’s on the receiving end of this week’s chanclaso with the possibility of many more to come, especially during election season.  What infraction did the Florida governor commit?  He’s the mastermind behind the latest effort to remove thousands of Latinos and other eligible voters from the voterContinue reading “Latino Voters Under Attack in Florida”