Parents lose lawsuit over destruction of son’s porn stash

53 minutes ago A man who sued his parents for getting rid of his pornography collection has won a lawsuit in western Michigan and can seek compensation. U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney ruled in favor of David Werking, who said his parents had no right to throw out his collection. He lived at their GrandContinue reading “Parents lose lawsuit over destruction of son’s porn stash”

“Just a Rude person you are” Fun and Frolick with President Lysol

  “Fun and Frolic with President Lysol” In an attempt to strengthen his support with women voters.   President Lysol attacked yet another female reporter.  On Tuesday, CBS”s Paula Reid asked him “why he has yet to announce plan that would get the millions of Americans seeking unemployment aid amid the pandemic back to work?”  Lysol:Continue reading ““Just a Rude person you are” Fun and Frolick with President Lysol”

Michigan Auto Repair shop say’s Gay are not welcome, gun owners are…….

If your white and go to church you can work here.  If your gay, he will not repair your car CNN A Michigan car repair shop owner says openly gay people are not welcome at his business. And gun owners are. Brian Klawiter owns Dieseltec shop in In a statement this week on his companyContinue reading “Michigan Auto Repair shop say’s Gay are not welcome, gun owners are…….”

Shaneka Monique is going to Jail for Bacon…..

By CityFella… Before you read this. Gently place your hands on the sides of your face and say “Oh Lawd”   This is Shaneka Monique Torres   Date: February 10, 2014 Time: 3am Location:  McDonald’s, 28th Street near Madison Avenue SE, City: Grand Rapid State: Michigan   Details ONE DAY BEFORE Ms Torres, with a friend.Continue reading “Shaneka Monique is going to Jail for Bacon…..”

Despite Bankruptcy: Detroit Plans Downtown Hockey Arena

Amid all the uproar in Detroit lately about impending bankruptcy, endangered pensions and possible sale of precious artwork, there’s been surprisingly little buzz about a topic that tends to ignite controversy whenever it arises in U.S. cities. That would be the use of public tax dollars to finance sports stadiums. In Detroit, the Ilitch family’s proposedContinue reading “Despite Bankruptcy: Detroit Plans Downtown Hockey Arena”