Why Europe hates Trump more than Iran

The dubious justification for that ill-fated foray is just one reason Europeans aren’t lining up to back the US this time, even with rhetoric. The main reason is simple distrust of Trump | Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images   By:Matthew Karnitching/Politico    BERLIN — Reckless, illegal, unhinged. When it comes to finding adjectives to describeContinue reading “Why Europe hates Trump more than Iran”

United Arab Emirates has a Green Vision

The UAE will be the best country to live in, if its Vision 2021 is a success. During Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group’s (ADSG) Hiwar session that took place on Monday in the Capital, three government officials came along to discuss the UAE’s Vision 2021, green growth strategy and the link between them. “The key roleContinue reading “United Arab Emirates has a Green Vision”

Dammit JANET !

M’s Janet IS in control.  She waited a while to tell the world she’s a married lady.   A year! Last year she married 37 year old  Billionaire  Wissam Al Mana, the couple met in 2010.  .   He is the  head the retail division [of the Qatar-based family empire, Al Mana Group].  He oversees new developmentsContinue reading “Dammit JANET !”

What the US Oil Revolution Means for Russia

The optimist will tell you that Russia is no longer a petrostate. Incremental growth is now coming from the consumer sectors, while there is less contribution from the oil-and-gas sector. While the budget clearly does depend on the volume of oil and gas revenues to balance, changes by the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry since the 2008 crisis mean the economy can still grow about 3 percentContinue reading “What the US Oil Revolution Means for Russia”

Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi craves instant fame?

  CAIRO — Power and water outages are common across Egypt. Crime is rampant. The value of the currency is slipping. Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi has yet to offer anything concrete on how he plans to tackle some of the nation’s most intractable problems. Instead, he is taking steps to shore up his Muslim BrotherhoodContinue reading “Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi craves instant fame?”

45 men found sharing one bedroom flat

The cost for housing near Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates) is very expensive.  The Sharjah Municipality (a suburb oF Dubai,  rounded up 45 bachelors living in a one-bedroom apartment of a residential building in the Wasit residential area in Sharjah. This is against the municipality’s rules and regulations and ensures safety and stability for families in residentialContinue reading “45 men found sharing one bedroom flat”

‘Your baby looks like Saddam Hussein’

        MIGRATION BOARD OUTRAGE   An administrator at the Swedish Migration Board  is facing disciplinary action after telling a family of Iraqi asylum seekers that their newborn baby looked like Saddam Hussein. The man, who has worked at the agency for 30 years, is also under investigation for physically assaulting a femaleContinue reading “‘Your baby looks like Saddam Hussein’”