Day 7: Trump Anxiety

I continue to suffer from Trump Anxiety. Yes, we knew there wasn’t going to be a clean exit. I was hoping with the loss the Republicans would find their collective balls. But silly me, this is Politics! Mitch McConnell knows the Prez is a dufus, but Georgia will determine the control of the Senate. soContinue reading “Day 7: Trump Anxiety”

Why Europe hates Trump more than Iran

The dubious justification for that ill-fated foray is just one reason Europeans aren’t lining up to back the US this time, even with rhetoric. The main reason is simple distrust of Trump | Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images   By:Matthew Karnitching/Politico    BERLIN — Reckless, illegal, unhinged. When it comes to finding adjectives to describeContinue reading “Why Europe hates Trump more than Iran”