Its Time To Move On

The January 6, attack on the US Capitol is one of the darkest days in our history. The Forty Fifth President of the United States directed. his supporters to create mayhem. The Commander and Chief watched and celebrated the disorder that was talking place minutes away, on the Cable News Networks in the White House.Continue reading “Its Time To Move On”

Mitt Romney joins Black Lives Matter march in D.C.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) joined a group of nearly 1,000 Christians marching toward the White House on Sunday. What they’re saying: Asked why it was important for him to be out protesting, Romney told NBC News: “We need a voice against racism, we need many voices against racism and against brutality. And we need toContinue reading “Mitt Romney joins Black Lives Matter march in D.C.”

Mitt Romney “Faith and Courage”

  “There’s a hymn that is sung in my church. It’s an old Protestant hymn, which is, do what is right, let the consequence follow. ` “I swore an oath before God to apply impartial justice. , I’m a very religious person. I take that very seriously,” “And so I looked at the evidence inContinue reading “Mitt Romney “Faith and Courage””

Looking for A Hero

 I’m not a Democrat or Republican. I’m gonna try not to bore you by repeating the statements and arguments of the last few months, the lines have been drawn. President Trump’s Ukrainian adventure benefited Donald Trump. The vast majority of the witnesses who have testified, were appointed by the Trump Administration. The majority of blockedContinue reading “Looking for A Hero”

The Republican Party to Latinos: Vote for Hillary, George or any other Democrat in 2016 see ya in 2020

In 2012, Mitt Romney won 27 percent of the Latino vote, lower than both George W. Bush and his father George H.  In 2013 the Republican Party made Latino outreach a key goal of 2016. The party was silent when D.T proclaimed the immigrants from Mexico weren’t honorable people. After the horrendous debate last week onContinue reading “The Republican Party to Latinos: Vote for Hillary, George or any other Democrat in 2016 see ya in 2020”

The GOP EXPRESS is on track to offend all minority voters.

By:CityFella With less than 13 months to go  and 16 remaining presidential candidates, the opportunities to insult and offend a large group potential voters grows by the hour. One of the GOP priorities after Mitt Romney’s defeat was appealing to Hispanic voters, more Hispanics voted for George W than Romney.  It was a priority thatContinue reading “The GOP EXPRESS is on track to offend all minority voters.”

Monday’s Sump Pump

One Pill makes you LARGER and one pill makes you small  Zero to sixty in 19 days…….    Its taken nearly twenty days …  20 days before someone in the Republican Party to condemn Donald Trump’s Racist Statement about Mexico and Mexicans.  Marco Rubio was the first to speak out against Trump followed by MittContinue reading “Monday’s Sump Pump”

Asian Voices: Progressives, Are You Listening?

By:Jarryd Willis/Huffington Post Start including Asian voters in any discussion of Black and Hispanic issues. We’ve heard little of the 1.4 million undocumented Asians or 200k Asian youth who qualify for the DreamACT. Remember, Bill Clinton never won the Asian vote, and we shouldn’t take it for granted in 2016. Asian-Americans appear to be theContinue reading “Asian Voices: Progressives, Are You Listening?”

AMERICA’S RAGE! “American’s Terrorized by its Government ” ” What does it all mean and what you can do”

Americans are being terrorized by its leaders. The GOP shutdown of the government is affecting millions. The Central issue is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) nicked name “ObamaCare” signed into law in 2010.    The Affordable Care Act  is largely based on a successful heath care law in Massachusetts. The Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority healthContinue reading “AMERICA’S RAGE! “American’s Terrorized by its Government ” ” What does it all mean and what you can do””

Dear angry white conservatives: Chill out The Sky is not falling

All is not lost with Romney’s defeat — but it may be time to tune into a different news station Dear angry white conservatives who are mourning Mitt Romney’s loss, If Fox News is any indication, many of you are dismayed, upset, and befuddled by Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama. Some of these feelingsContinue reading “Dear angry white conservatives: Chill out The Sky is not falling”