How do you turn on the Radio ?

Auto Infotainment systems problematic for renters and automakers  By:CityFella For decades, the left knob turned on the radio and the right knob changed the station. By the eighties automakers added a  power button. Well that was so 2007.  In many cars the power button and the knobs have been replaced with touchscreens and interfaces. You’ve EnteredContinue reading “How do you turn on the Radio ?”

Sexual Saturdays: Your cell phone just may be ruining your love life

Look at this picture, are you in here.  All of these glowing people are interacting, but not with each other. It’s a phenomenon, people who can’t seem to function without their cell phones.   You’ve seen them in restaurants, clubs, or simply walking down the street looking directly at the phones  and to avoid head on collisions, the worldContinue reading “Sexual Saturdays: Your cell phone just may be ruining your love life”

CELL PHONES USERS : Listen UP! We really ,NO REALLY, don’t want to hear your conversations.

At the bus stop, in the bus, train, plane.  In the theater at a restaurant,  IT CAN WAIT…. I love my Samsung sidekick, I have written blogs, paid bills, bought airline tickets  and made reservations and checked movie times.  There are days I often wonder how I got along without it…. and yet I did.    Continue reading “CELL PHONES USERS : Listen UP! We really ,NO REALLY, don’t want to hear your conversations.”

12 Tips to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill

Why pay more than you have to every month? These tips, tricks, and services can help you save plenty of dough on that monster cell phone bill. See that cell phone next to you? Unfortunately, you’re paying too much money for it–every month. If overpaying for what you need sounds like a bad idea toContinue reading “12 Tips to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill”

Love,Trust and Raymond

Breaking up is hard to do……. The relationship ended because of  her boyfriend talked too much Raymond Williams kept  repeated things she had said about him to friends in her car.    How odd, how did Raymond know  detailed information on conversations she had with others…. One day when  she was cleaning her car she “bumped the center console” andContinue reading “Love,Trust and Raymond”

3 Texts You Should Never Send

A few weeks ago, my friend got a text from a guy she’d just met: “I so want to do you right now!” Horrified, she called me. “Can you believe it?” she asked. “No!” I said. “Finally, a guy who says what he means when he texts.” Here’s the problem with your text messages, guys:Continue reading “3 Texts You Should Never Send”

“Restrooms” The Eyes of the Restaurant

Assuming your tub and shower are clean, how long does it take you to clean your restroom at home? 10,15 minutes? A  Restaurant’s public restroom could just be an indication to the  cleanliness of the restaurant.    On occasion I have checked out the restaurant’s restroom before being seated.,.     On Sunday, our group stopped at a mid town Sacramento restaurantContinue reading ““Restrooms” The Eyes of the Restaurant”

Your in my seat man….

A product of a public school, I know how to count!  One, two, three, four, five…. Row five, seat E.  Your sitting in E, my seat.  The phone stucked to his ear on an animated phone call, so I sit my big ass in six E.  Sitting in denial, hoping that at 911am (plane departsContinue reading “Your in my seat man….”