Trust, Love and Money: when the family wont

Someone had to help him everyone has abandoned him, his parents,his friends, he had no one! Is what she told the judge, on one of those judge shows. No one would help him ! I loaned him more than four thousand dollars. I got him a cell phone, paid for his broken tooth, bought himContinue reading “Trust, Love and Money: when the family wont”

May 2018 : May be the time to trade old Betsy in*

*As long as your not trading her in for an SUV. With a few exceptions, Passenger Cars aren’t selling well.  Is all about Trucks and SUV’s. Now if your like me, that may be a good thing.  Auto Manufactures are offering deep discounts on passengers.    With a little nudging a savvy shoppers can getContinue reading “May 2018 : May be the time to trade old Betsy in*”

Actually, we can buy happiness

The more you think about it, the stranger the distinction between spending on experiences and buying things begins to seem Nobody in history bought anything for any reason other than how it made them feel.’ Illustration: Michele Marconi for the Guardian By:Oliver Burkeman/UK Guardian You’ll be happier if you spend money on experiences rather thanContinue reading “Actually, we can buy happiness”

Oh hell no! No U Didn’t!

Mama, don’t play!  Please believe her!  Noah, didn’t but he knows now! The nineteen year old Noah Sullivan-Lincoln was having an argument ovah a CHEESEBURGER with his mother Cheryl.   Da Boy Lost his mind! He Spat in his mothers face! Then he went off the rails He smacked the CHEESEBURGER out of her handsContinue reading “Oh hell no! No U Didn’t!”

Eight Friends Who Hurt Your Finances

Learn to spot friends who might wreak havoc on your finances – and how to keep them in check. Your wallet will thank you! “You should so buy that dress. It looks like it was made for you!” “Nice purse. How much did that cost?” “Can you spot me for dinner? I’ll get you back nextContinue reading “Eight Friends Who Hurt Your Finances”