Stormy Daniels is a feminist hero

     And we owe it to her to give her the respect she deserves in her fight to break her silence If American history has taught us one important lesson, it’s that sex scandals — in all their forms — can be more powerful than whispers of corruption when it comes to pushing a politician out ofContinue reading “Stormy Daniels is a feminist hero”


I remember turning twenty one, it meant that I was official.  I turned twenty one in New York City it was the seventies.  At twenty one I had all the answers in the cosmos and knew absolutely nothing. At twenty one, I wanted everyone to love me and pushed nearly all forms of common senseContinue reading “TWENTY ONE (Before ML)”

Monica Lewinsky: Why does she it matter?

 By Demetria Lucas/The Grio OPINION — Blame Beyonce. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time lately thinking about Monica Lewinsky. Okay, not inordinate — just every time I hear Partition, which is played an inordinate amount of times on the radio. But I digress. I think of Lewinsky every time I hear that part inPartition where ‘Yonce sings of howContinue reading “Monica Lewinsky: Why does she it matter?”

How Bill Clinton betrayed us: allies speak out on Lewinsky affair

TV documentary reveals how Clinton’s closest aides felt about affair that ended in scandal Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton photographed together in November 1995 A close-knit band of friends and colleagues around Bill Clinton at the time of the Monica Lewinsky affair will speak publicly for the first time of their disbelief and sense of betrayal thisContinue reading “How Bill Clinton betrayed us: allies speak out on Lewinsky affair”