Emimen Should Look Happier after making History… (Apparently Not)

picture USA Today By Adam Fleischer/MTV Early in his career, Eminem was a wild and zany jokester. In his songs, music videos, interviews — wherever, really — his acting over-the-top was pretty consistent. In recent years, though, Em has gotten a bit more serious, both in his music and demeanor. Even with that, his lack ofContinue reading “Emimen Should Look Happier after making History… (Apparently Not)”

Sly as a fox or Twisted Sister?

Who Are You Talkin bout this week? Top 10 Tweeted About Programs of the Week (ending August 25) 1. Video Music Awards (MTV-Sunday)    18,495,900 Tweets 2. Teen Wolf (MTV-Monday)    662,300 Tweets 3. 2013 VMA Pre-Show (Network-Sunday)   467,200 Tweets 4. Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family-Tuesday)    368,000 Tweets 5. WWE Monday Night RawContinue reading “Sly as a fox or Twisted Sister?”

One Smackdown too many… “Reality Tv Normalizing Violence?

I readily admit being a fan of Reality Tv.   From the Amazing Race, to Hell’s Kitchen, I’m  a fan.  My first show was MTV’s Real World. This is the true story… of seven strangers… picked to live in a house…work together and have their lives taped… to find out what happens… when people stop being polite…Continue reading “One Smackdown too many… “Reality Tv Normalizing Violence?”

Julien Chabbott has balls and the NYPD put those balls on the Street!

From watching this video Julien Chabbott hasn’t seen COPS!   Let’s say the officer was an A-hole, take the ticket and argue it out in court.  This is a classic case of what not to do.  It doesn’t matter if your driving a Red Kia or Ferrari.  It pays to keep your cool. Stephanie PrattContinue reading “Julien Chabbott has balls and the NYPD put those balls on the Street!”

Donna Summer ” She is simply hot Stuff”

Sittin’ here eatin’ my heart out waitin- Waitin’ for some lover to call – Dialed about a thousand numbers lately- Almost rang the phone off the wall-  Lookin’ for some hot stuff baby this evenin’ I need some hot stuff baby tonight- I want some hot stuff baby this evenin -‘ Gotta have some hot stuff Gotta have some lovin’ tonight- IContinue reading “Donna Summer ” She is simply hot Stuff””


The 2009 MTV “Music Video Awards——— The View From Sacrotomatoville JURASSIC SHOE’S ? Djimon Hounson & Kimora Lee Simmons Beyonce- Serving Legs Lady Gaga                            Mae West Amber Rose (wasn’t she on Star Trek?) Kanye West (Butching it up) with Amber Rose “This is NOT a weave” Cassie Yeah, I’m hott- Next Question? Keri Hilson IsContinue reading “THE VIEW FROM SACRATOMATOVILLE ( MTV Music Video Awards)”