“LIZZO” no introduction needed

If this is the first time you have heard the name Lizzo, it wont be your last. She has recently become a member of a very exclusive club. She joins Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, Shawnnna, IggyAzalea, and Cardi B as the only female rappers to hit number one on Billboard’s hot 100 chart. No yourContinue reading ““LIZZO” no introduction needed”

#MeToo is succeeding where others failed — to mute R. Kelly

By: Brandon Griggs/CNN R. Kelly is still singing, but in the #MeToo era his voice is getting more and more muffled. As the R&B singer prepares for a scheduled concert Friday night in North Carolina amid persistent allegations of sexual misconduct, his career is under siege on multiple fronts. — Streaming service Spotify is removing Kelly’s musicContinue reading “#MeToo is succeeding where others failed — to mute R. Kelly”

Re-Introducing “Kelly Clarkson”

15 years ago, a 20 year old Kelly Clarkson gave us soul and went on to become the first American Idol    Kelly was quickly signed by RCA.  Her first single “A moment like this” was the best selling single of 2002 RCA didn’t want soul. RCA (A division of Sony Records) wanted pop.  Continue reading “Re-Introducing “Kelly Clarkson””

Swedes moved to tears by this adorable prank on old man

This video of a group of Swedish children putting a smile on a pensioner’s face shows how easy it is to spread joy. By:Emma Lofgren/The Local Filmed at a Stockholm train station, the clip shows an elderly man alone on the platform, waiting for his train, when a group of children run up to him.Continue reading “Swedes moved to tears by this adorable prank on old man”

Emimen Should Look Happier after making History… (Apparently Not)

picture USA Today By Adam Fleischer/MTV Early in his career, Eminem was a wild and zany jokester. In his songs, music videos, interviews — wherever, really — his acting over-the-top was pretty consistent. In recent years, though, Em has gotten a bit more serious, both in his music and demeanor. Even with that, his lack ofContinue reading “Emimen Should Look Happier after making History… (Apparently Not)”

GO GRACE! The 67 year old Icon performs topless in Sydney

She Got This………   From Perth Now GRACE Jones is still as body confident as ever, so much so that the 67-year-old had no qualms performing topless in Sydney last night. With only some tribal bodypaint, a waist-length corset and string bikini brief to cover her modesty, the Jamaican-born singer took to the stage andContinue reading “GO GRACE! The 67 year old Icon performs topless in Sydney”

Check her Out INTRODUCING “Soak”

NPR The first words Bridie Monds-Watson sings on her debut album double as a tidy thesis statement: “A teenage heart is an unguided dart.” The Irish singer-songwriter, who records under the name SOAK, made Before We Forgot How To Dream while she was still 18 — some of these songs date back to her earlyContinue reading “Check her Out INTRODUCING “Soak””

Who is Sam Smith and Why is he Trying to Eliminate Grindr Culture?

You may not instantly recognize his name, but you’ve heard his voice. He currently has two songs on the charts, “Stay with Me and ” Latch”  By: KEVIN O’KEEFFE/The Wire Sam Smith is a rarity in the pop world, and not in the way you might think. He’s young, with a soulful voice beyond his years, butContinue reading “Who is Sam Smith and Why is he Trying to Eliminate Grindr Culture?”

Her Name is Kiesza

Kiesa Rae Ellestad, better known by her stage name Kiesza, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and dancer from Calgary who has most recently worked out of New York City and London. She is best known for her single “Hideaway”                                Continue reading “Her Name is Kiesza”