Hey Pot, get out much?

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I could go on for hours about the Pot’s (President Trump) racists comment for hours, but you and I don’t have that kind of time.

Racism in any form is unacceptable. Freshman, Congresswoman, Iihan Omar, the first Somali American elected to the house.  Her anti-semitic comments are not welcome. as she represents all Americans in her district.

Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi called on her to apologize.

On Tuesday, Pot said Omar should resign or be barred from serving on congressional committees as punishment for her remarks on Israel.   Pot’s Vice President, said Omar’s apology was inadequate

House Majority Leader Steny Hover said Omar would not lose her assignments.

Nancy Pelosi dismissed the GOP calls for Omar’s punishment.  She said the GOP was not coming from a place with clean hands.   She reminded a reporter from CNN of Pot’s anti-Semitic comments and said:

“I think the administration owes a public apology for some of the things that were said there. As I heard the president speaking this morning, all that was going through my mind was “Jew-S-A, Jew-S-A” at his rallies that he never distanced himself from. They shouldn’t go down this path, they do not have clean hands.”

Yesterday, Omar responded to Pot, accusing him of “trafficking” in hate and intolerance.

“Think before you Tweet”

One of Omar critics is House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.  Last year, he Tweeted

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The tweet included a video featuring McCarthy discussing George Soros, Tom Steyer and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, all Jewish men who are significant donors to Democratic campaigns and causes.

It invoked a stereotype about the Jewish faith that has long been considered to be an anti-Semitic dog whistle popular among the alt-right, and it’s a tactic that the president himself was accused of employing in his 2016 campaign

McCarthy denied expressing anti-Semitic undertones in a now-deleted tweet he posted before last year’s midterms that warned of three prominent Jewish Democratic donors trying to “buy” the election.



McConnell’s Revenge?

It was all agreed upon.  The Government would stay open, the he screwed Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senate and chose to listen to Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh who told him her must keep his promise or lose face.

The President’s  “Must have a Wall”  chorus is growing softer by the hour.  Four members joined the Democrats call to keep the government, that number grew to eight, and the latest number is twelve.

The Senate and the House can reopen the Government.  They would need to present a bill to the President to reopen the Government.  The President will likely Veto the bills.

To override the Veto would require two-thirds of each house.

Mitch McConnell, has said, the will not present any bill the President wont sign.

Today 53 percent, of Americans blame The President and members of the GOP for the shutdown.

Press accounts of the negotiations: Trump Gimmie the Wall.  Democrats: NO!

In the poll of polls, the majority of Americans are against the wall.   The President’s base is currently happy with his position.    The Wall Shutdown, will damage both parties with the GOP receiving the brunt of the damage.   Should the Shutdown, extend to the end of the month, Food Stamps will be affected.   Affecting a large part of the President’s core in Appalachia.

The Democrats are in control. Pelosi and company will continue to make efforts to re-open the government.  In the Senate,  McConnell has vowed to reject any bill he knows the President wont sign.  The President’s is unpredictable, one day he is for and then the next day he is against any given position.  This has clearly damage relations Domestically and Internationally.  This last change, damaged McConnell, who believed the President.  One wonders if this is an  attempt by McConnell to weaken the President’s grip on the GOP?

News at 11


A Fine Day in America


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Yesterday, was a very special day in America.  For the first time in the history of this great nation. The newly elected members of the 116th Congress looks like the beautiful mosaic that is America.   Latinos, Whites, Blacks, Christian, Muslims, Native Americans, and members of the LGBTQ Community.

It was a moment for me.  It was similar to Barack Obama becoming President.  After the jubilation, a cloud of doubt and fear filled my head.  Like many Black Americans, I worried he and the First Lady might be assassinated during the inauguration .

Yesterday, the cloud returned, after the brilliant Nancy Pelosi was elected as chair.

The Government is shut down. Our President has hunkered down. The opinion of Rush Limbaugh’s and Ann Coulter’s is more important than eight hundred thousand government employees who may not be able make their mortgage and car payments next month.

As a group, the Republicans are better at messaging.  The Democrats  have a history of self destructing.  Within minutes, cracks started to appear as Brad Sherman representing parts of Los Angeles said HE intends to Introduce Articles of  Impeachment against the President. Hours after being sworn in, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. says……..(see video)

by the time you read this. This video should be all over conservative media.

Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell isn’t trilled with the President.  McConnell believed he had a solution to  avoid the shutdown but the President abruptly changed his position (Coulter and Limbaugh ).

McConnell has doesn’t intend to present any new solutions to the president.    In a hallway interview on Thursday, he said he didn’t see a break in the impasse between Trump and the Democrats.  Not going to happen” And I want to get an outcome,”  “That will be determined by the president and Senate Democrats.”  

Unlike, Democrats the Republicans present more of a united front.

   Speaker Pelosi faces several challenges with this new and diverse group.  While the current polls favor the Democrats this will change if the Shutdown continues.

Most American do not fully understand what the shutdown means.   What most Americans understand  is Donald Trump wants a Wall and the Democrat’s refuse to give him one.

Pelosi and company must do more than criticize the President as he is the master of the squeaky wheel.   Wall for Wall, the Democrats will lose.    They must change their messaging.  If I worked for Pelosi, or if I were a Democrat.  My advice would be.  Change the Democrats message to……Boarder security IS important to Democrats and we are very willing to work with the President.   However,  I (Pelosi) believe a non functioning government presents a greater risk to our country.  AND we must take care of  those eight hundred thousand Americans, who through no fault of their own may default on their debt. 

The Majority of the Republicans do not support the President position on the wall. However on camera, they support him.  The Democrats must present a united front (on camera) an area they struggle with.

The 2019 question:  Can this new younger, diverse group of people present one public message?  Details next year






When the sky starts to fall I’ll reach for my Umbrella


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Hillary Clinton lost, despite having nearly 3 million more votes she lost. Like a lot of Americans I was in shock.

I turned off the news and limited my time on Social Media.  In addition to the fake news, the news coming from my  friends depressed me.  It was Bad Trump twenty four seven.  Trump was going to ruin America, every other person living paycheck to paycheck was leaving America.

For those who’ve followed this blog, know I lean a little bit left. Not a full tilt,because I believe we need the right.   I don’t subscribe to the notion that right wingers are evil. Through the years  have met some very questionable people on the left.

I see little difference between the two parties.  The reinstatement of Nancy Pelosi, and Paul Ryan guarantees more of the same and I’m following  the lead of some of the millennials seeking a viable third option.

The Donald is our President, based on the people he has chosen to fill key positions  many low middle income and working class supporters may regret their votes.  The people he has chosen cant relate to the needs of average working person.  Some have never been in a Supermarket.  Remember when George H Bush didn’t know what the cost was for a gallon of milk?

It make take a minute or two for his supporters to see through his smoke as he takes credit for everything from the popularity of coke to curing measles in Nigeria.

His presidency has turned this slave of the media to a hyper vigilant citizen.  He has reactivated my activism.  I have rediscovered my feet.  I’m participating in the Women’s March On Washington here in Sacramento.  Networked with other bloggers to vet and help get third party candidates elected locally here in Northern California.

Trumps term is a wait and hope for the best.  I refuse to add my voice to the gloom and doom chorus.  When the sky starts to fall I will reach for my Umbrella.


Friday Mash Up 1/27/2012

Newt is about to have a  real Hissy Fit!

The former speaker of the house wasn’t  happy with NBC’s Brian Williams’ silencing of the audience During Monday’s debate in Tampa. This morning, his campaign is accusing Mitt Romney‘s campaign of packing Thursday night’s audience, like some kind of Republican establishment Snickers™ bar.   Thing have become so heated between the two, expect someone to talk about someones mama.  Meanwhile Ron Paul is slowly becoming the Betty White of the debates  “I don’t think we should go to the moon,” he said. “I think maybe we should send some politicians up there.”  However, Jon Santorum took the night with double knock out punches on Mitt an Newt.

Yo! Newt, U know that I know that you know that I know something.  It’s Mr’s Pelosi 2 U!

Last month, Pelosi also voiced her ominous claim that she has secret information, telling Talking Points Memo that she had “major dirt” on Gingrich that could dash his White House dreams.She said she would unveil thousands of pages stemming from an ethics committee investigation “when the time’s right.”

Going, Going…….

After 45 years,time to say good bye to the former Terminal B at the Sacramento International Airport


If  your day isnt complete without a Wal-Mart Hello, better shop before 10pm and after am. the world’s largest retailer, has removed greeters from the overnight shift at its U.S. supercenters, chipping away at a 30-year tradition of making sure all shoppers are welcomed to the store.  The move will save money and ensure Wal-Mart has the right staffing levels during peak and nonpeak hours, David Tovar, a spokesman, said in a telephone interview.  Founder Sam Walton added greeters in 1980 to make his giant low-price stores friendly and welcoming.  If he were alive What Would Sam Walton Do?

Perhaps Red is her signature color

Rihanna at Lax

Mayor S.O S (Stuck on Stupid)

East Haven, Connecticut a suburb of   New Haven, where four police officers were arrested Tuesday by the FBI on charges including deprivation of rights and obstruction of justice.

Mayor Joseph Maturo, was also criticized for his recent reappointment of police Chief Leonard Gallo, who was apparently referred to in the indictment as a co-conspirator. The four officers are accused of waging a campaign of harassment against Latino residents and businesses, including assaulting people while they were handcuffed and intimidating people who tried to investigate or report misconduct allegations.

All four have pleaded not guilty. On  Tuesday, a reporter from New York’s WPIX-TV, Mario Diaz,  asked, “What are you doing for the Latino community today? “Maturo’s response: “I might have tacos when I go home; I’m not quite sure yet.”

He initially defended his response and said it was being unfairly twisted. But he later apologized, saying he’d had a long day of interviews.

2012 Oscar (Best Picture Nominees)

     The Artist

“The Desendants

“ Extremly Loud and Incredibly Close

The Help*


     Midnight In Paris*

   Moneyball *

  The Tree of Life

  War Horse


We told cha it was gonna get UGLY between Newt and Mitt!

And boy did it !

Were silly, we think  thats  Jon/ Joan Santorum before make up!.

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Those Krispy Kreme Politicians out of Tennessee are so full of Sweet Humor

For those who believe bad press is better than no press, don’t live in Tennessee.  Remember this name and face .  Senator Stacey Campbell, his name should be bantered about and by the weekend he should be seen on some cable news shows.     It seems, Senator Campbell believes  it’s Virtually Impossible” For Heterosexuals To Contract AIDS   We find these stories for your OMG enjoyment

Continue Reading ……………

“My understanding is that it is virtually — not completely, but virtually — impossible to contract AIDS through heterosexual sex…very rarely [transmitted],”

“Most people realize that AIDS came from the homosexual community — it was one guy screwing a monkey, if I recall correctly, and then having sex with men. It was an airline pilot, if I recall,” Campfield, who is 43 and a Christian,

“A person is hetrosexual because of the presensce of genitalia of one sex or the other . No one exceeding rare congemital defomity have both kinds of genitalia. 

Speaking about his “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Campfield claims, ”[Homosexuals] do not naturally reproduce. It has not been proven that it is nature. It happens in nature, but so does beastiality That does not make it right or something we should be teaching in school.”

And despite the fact that two gay Tennessee teens,

Jacob Rogers and Phillip Parker, have committed suicide in since last month, Campfield claims, ”That bullying thing is the biggest lark out there.”  He is agaisnt any anti bullying laws.

Nene Leaks from the Real Housewives from Atlanta(RHOA) break out Star?

Nene Leaks, the first mouth of Atlanta is warm and getting warmer.  Looks as she may be the next breakout star from Bravo’s houswife franchise.  Last year, Nene appeared of the Celebrity Apperentice and almost  killed Star Jones (joking of course).   The first mouth of Atlanta found her way on national tawk shows , followed by apperances on “The Game” and last week on Glee.   The rumor mill says Mrs Leaks character may return next season where she and Sue Slyvester become enemies.  They’re both tall and imposing women…hmmm.

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Not heard on most local and National Airways

Troubled waters ahead for the GOP? (Tea anyone?)

Danger Ahead for the GOP

It’s been not quite two months since Republicans won a sweeping midterm victory, and already they seem divided, embattled and – not to mince words – freaked out. For good reason, I might add.

Sen. Lindsey Graham captured the mood with his mordant assessment of the lame-duck Congress: ” Harry Reid has eaten our lunch ” Graham’s complaint was that the GOP acquiesced to a host of Democratic initiatives – giving President Obama a better-than-expected deal on taxes, eliminating ‘don’t ask,don’t tell”  ratifying the New Start Treaty – rather than wait for the new, more conservative Congress to arrive.

It was a “capitulation . . . of dramatic proportions,” Graham said in a radio interview last week. “I can understand the Democrats being afraid of the new Republicans . I can’t understand Republicans being afraid of the new Republicans.”

Oh, but there’s reason to be very afraid.

I don’t want to overstate the Republicans’ predicament. They did, after all, take control of the House and win six more seats in the Senate. But during the lame-duck session, it seemed to dawn on GOP leaders that they begin the new Congress burdened with great expectations – but lacking commensurate power. It’s going to be a challenge for Republicans just to maintain party unity, much less to enact the kind of conservative agenda they promised to their enthusiastic, impatient voters.

In the Senate, there could be as many as 11 Republicans who might defect and vote with the Democrats, depending on the issue. There’s a small but newly assertive group of moderates – Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, Scott Brown of Massachusetts and independent Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, along with newcomer Mark Kirk of Illinois – who seem likely to fit that mold. And judging by the vote tallies in the lame-duck session, a half-dozen other GOP senators are willing to go their own ways.

This means that if Majority Leader Reid plays his cards well – and recently he has been playing very well indeed – it will be difficult for Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to keep enough of his troops together to sustain a filibuster. The new Senate will be considerably more Republican than the old Senate, but whether it’s more conservative remains to be seen.

On the other side of the Capitol it’s a different story, with the Tea Party movement ousting Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The new House will be decidedly more conservative than the old House – and that’s the problem.

The presumptive next speaker, John Boehner, can easily block initiatives that Obama proposes. But Boehner has said repeatedly that he understands how tentative his majority is and how temporary it could prove to be. My reading of the electorate is that voters want Congress to tackle big problems rather than waste the next two years mired in gridlock. But not all of the necessary solutions will go over well with the Tea Party crowd.

The most obvious example is the ballooning national debt. “Cut wasteful spending” is a nice campaign slogan, but it’s flat-out impossible to cut enough spending to close the budget gap. And now the big goodies-for-everyone tax deal has been signed into law. Likewise, “entitlement reform” sounds good – but ignores the fact that beneficiaries of government programs feel, well, entitled.

Any comprehensive solution that sets the nation on a path toward fiscal health will mean that at least some of us pay higher taxes. I wish Boehner luck in explaining this fact of life to his Tea Party freshmen. He’ll have a hard enough time even persuading them to keep the government solvent by voting to increase the debt ceiling, which will soon be necessary.

Of course, Boehner will be able to win Democratic votes for legislation that absolutely, positively has to pass. But if I know Pelosi, who will be minority leader, she’ll exact concessions.

Republicans face what, for them, is an unpleasant but inescapable reality. Ideologically, most Americans describe themselves as moderate or conservative; but when it comes to getting assistance from the government, most Americans are moderate or liberal. Look at health care, the issue that won the election for the GOP. According to polls, voters clearly favor the benefits that Obama’s reforms will provide. All they really oppose is the insurance mandate that makes those benefits possible.

The idea of small, limited government may be appealing, but this is a big, complicated country. As some Republicans already know, and others soon will learn.


Eugene Robinson /Washington Post