No one is scared of Tom Cruise or Scientology anymore

By: Richard Johnson/Page Six No one is afraid anymore of Tom Cruise and his Church of Scientology disciples, or his army of lawyers. The National Enquirer came out with a front page story this past week blaring, “Tom’s Secret Gay Life Exposed!” and Cruise’s pit bull lawyer Bert Fields didn’t, as he is wont toContinue reading “No one is scared of Tom Cruise or Scientology anymore”

Friday Dribble………..Adele Preggers -Kim and Kanye-Rielle Hunter-Tom and Kate- Mitt Romney-Cate Edwards-Sac Kings-and Madea

Rielle Hunters book not well received by women (will someone hand me a tissue) so she is softening her tone about the late Elizabeth Edwards.   In a few weeks the book should be available at dollar store near you. Speaking of the Edwards……. the breakup of Rielle and John may be real…Rumors or The National EnquirerContinue reading “Friday Dribble………..Adele Preggers -Kim and Kanye-Rielle Hunter-Tom and Kate- Mitt Romney-Cate Edwards-Sac Kings-and Madea”

MANBOOBS ( A short story about male jiggling)

We are not firm forever…. Now of course if your a twenty something,firm is forever.   A twenty-something  believes if he eats right and work outs hourly he will look the same at ripe old age of forty.  Many of these tight bodies are still being supported by their family and can afford to workoutContinue reading “MANBOOBS ( A short story about male jiggling)”

Hotel Confidential”Special”: The Schwarzenegger Rumors

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger lived at the Hyatt Regency across from the Capitol during his term. The governor is being accused of using  Highway Patrol officers in Schwarzenegger’s security detail , to drive ladies to his penthouse suite.   Thus using taxpayer funds. The story is from the National Enquirer, its editor in chief  “Tony Frost” is standing by the story despite some Continue reading “Hotel Confidential”Special”: The Schwarzenegger Rumors”

The best and the WORST

Pinky up, I can honestly say, I don’t buy any of those tabloids, The National Enquirer, The Globe, that line the checkouts. I would never waste my cash my hard earned Robert Denerios. But, I have spent many minutes reading them in the checkouts. from time to time I have stepped out of line toContinue reading “The best and the WORST”