RHOA: S10 Ep3 ‘Chateau Get Down’

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Sheree brings back the 70’s  Moore of Kenya’s Mystery Man

Cynthia dates a MAN!   Kandi Xscapes the OLG

Porsha Dream Salon-Gregg’s Emergency

Last nights episode began with Porsha and family at a salon getting body wraps,  Perhaps this is a new part of her vegan regiment. (yawn).

Meanwhile C. Bailey continues to make 50 look good. We go with her on he first date with “Will” who seems to bring the perfect into gentleman.  He is thoughtful and polite. he doesn’t bring his cell phone on dates.  Will at 41 ,is closer to her age.  C. Bailey likes what she sees and unlike her last date, he didn’t make her work or scratch her car with his Big Wheel .

Sheree is planning a 70’s themed birthday party for mana Thelma. Her children including Sheree’s 31 year old daughter (Bravo can be soo messey-and I love it! ) are shopping for costumes.

Its hott in Atlanta, complains Gregg and he and Nene sit by the pool. I guess being in the Air Conditioned  house isn’t on option. We see their son Brent, for the first time in years and the boy is huge.

Kandi and Todd has a meeting with staff.  The OLG restaurant has a large and unfamiliar staff and they are in the need for General Manager.  Speaking of Changes Carman is leaving the Kandi factory and is starting her own insurance company.  Kandi is underwriting the business.  ( I want to be Kandi’s friend too!)  The meeting seems to be a review of the gossip which includes talk about the Xscape tour. Meeting Adjourned

Cynthia visits Moore manor.  Kenya says, the dog peed on her wedding dress.   This dog is five inches tall.   Either the dress was on the floor or the the dogs has an extenda dick with a powerspray function.  Come on Kenya, Come on!

Porsha, Porsha, Porsha, wants to open a salon with sister Lauren.   They meet with a business manager and a Real Estate professional  . While the business manager wants a plan our Porsha is plan less.   When asked what would make her Salon stand out in Atlanta, she believes her star power alone would bring in the clients.   While she tells her sister Lauren, its there project where Lauren would be in charge of the day to day operations, Porsha figures a fair split would be 85% and Lauren would receive 15%  Lauren feelings are hurt because it sound less than a partnership and Porsha seems to feel she is already getting benefits by living in her home.   Porsha who has a budget of ten thousand dollars* a month wants to open the salon in month.   The professionals tell her with permits finding a location etc a realistic time is nine months.   * Ten thousand dollars, didn’t Porsha say she couldn’t afford 10k for an airline trip to attend her best friends wedding?

Gregg went to the hospital concerned about chest pains. Insists Nene goes to Sheree;s party.

Sheree was having party planning issues. I was hoping for a new catch phase. “Who gonna check me boo” is still relevent after all these years.   Sheree’s party planner initially said she was running a little late and then abruptly cancelled telling Sheree she was on her own.    I love ya Sheree, but I wonder if payment was and issue?.

KENYA MO!    I want you to find love, I want to believe you are married. But you make it hard for us.  When every time you call your hubby, we don’t hear his voice.  You went through great lengths to make us believe calling him several times leaving messages.   Nene , who doesn’t miss a trick sees his side of the closet and notices most of the things have price tags on them so you can take them all back to Ross and get you money back.   I wanna believe, Kenya but you make if difficult.

The Party at Chateau Sheree is festive and everyone is having a good time in their  seventies garb.

The next day, Gregg is freaking out a little out the hospital (you can hear it in his voice) he has low blood pressure and they have changed the time of his procedure and he wants Nene there.

Folks despite Nene’s return, this was a little slow.  This episode was about a four. Next week Kim Z is returning. Perhaps her shock paddles will bring life back to Atlanta.



The Real Housewives of Atlanta #Rhoa S10 EP1 50 Shade of Cynthia

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First things first, Nene is back with a hardcore Georgia swagger.  I was mixed about her return, when she shines, there is no housewife like her anywhere.  When the light fades she can turn very dark and bring an episode to its knees and while I’m happy to see her, its still a wait and see.    Last night Nene was vintage Nene and from the  high quality commercials on last night.  Nene deserves every stack of cash Bravo pays her.   All the other housewives in the city’s will just have to hate her!

Atlanta has been suffering of late, the drama was drawn out and last years Kandi, Porsha, Phaedra storyline went on for much too long.  New York is the currently the best franchise, the housewives are older and the issues end after a few episodes and with the drama, the show has humor.    In the ratings  New Jersey is second only to Atlanta and like Atlanta the storylines lumbered on .  This season the ladies are older and this year New Jersey is much improved.    Atlanta’s “OG’s , Nene who is now 49, Kim and Sheree may stabilize Atlanta.   I’m encouraged after last nights episode.

Season ten opened with the crowds at the OLG restaurant.  Kandi ,Todd’s baby is a hit!  The downside of  success is Kandi feels, she isn’t spending enough time with her children and she’ll see even less of the kids when she goes on tour with Xscape.

The season is on. We see Cynthia Bailey in full makeup in an expensive kaftan blowing leaves at her home on Lake Bailey.  She is preparing for her 50th birthday party (she admits her birthday was a few months back)  at this party attendees will come dressed as her.

Next scene we see Mrs Leakes, arriving in her Black Rolls Royce, Bitches!   (Warning:  I will be saying Bitches a lot!)  She walks in with air kisses and its now down to business.   She want’s to get down with Kenya business.  Is da gurl married or is he the latest rent a man?       Nene struggles with Cynthia, who is happy! happy! happy! for Kenya.  Her happiness for Kenya trouble’s Nene as Cynthia doesn’t anything about her close friend husband, including his name.  For now its baby?    In addition to not knowing his name, Cynthia doesn’t know how long Kenya has known her man. Answers a besty would have right ?  But she is happy, happy, happy, for Kenya.  Kenya doesnt know Nene is going to lunch with them.

Kenya arrives, in her white convertible Bentley.   She walks in, and Nene is like bitch sit down lets get this interrogation going and tell me EVERYTHANG about your Husband!    Kenya is all smiles but not giving up shit!  His name is baby,  They’re looking for a house together because Moore Manor has ghosts . ( I think we know his name and he breaks windows!)    Nene goes in for round two and gets nothing.

BeWeave it or Dont!

Porsha has a podcast giving out marital advice with her sister and cousin!

One thing is clear this episode, Phaedra Parks is gone but is still very much a part of this episode.    Porsha is the outsider for now and possibly other episodes.  She says  Sheree is the ONLY housewife who has reached out to her.  Meanwhile, Phaedra has texted her and seems to want her friend back.  Porsha isn’t feeling it and her sister and cousin are shooting looks that say, leave that bitch ALONE!

Porsha gives us one.

Some one wants to know if they should introduce their man to the family.   The women is in her twenties and her man is 49, three years older than her dad.  First, Porsha says an old man cant make a baby.  The ladies correct her, and tell her a man in his eighties can father a child.   Porsha, our 265 days a year, THE QUEEN OF ALL KNOWLEDGE WHEN IT COMES TO THE UNDERGROUND RAILROADS SAY’S  “Does that mean they would have old looking kids.” ?

Its Sheree! 

Nene has a boutique in Atlanta call Swagg. She does a few seconds of promotion and Sheree walks in.  The reunion is great, these two run hot and cold.  We get a quick montage of  their fights.  Nene senses Sheree may be seeing someone.  Sheree is not giving it up and in her confessional she made it VERY clear Nene would be the LAST person she would tell.  They talk about Phaedra and Porsha and while Sheree is giving Porsha a break, Nene says Porsha isn’t so innocent  She says Porsha is running around talking about her.   Nene thinks the root of the problem was some advice she gave Porsha on the reunion a few years back.  Sheree says, Nene is surrounded with yes people.  People who agree with her and she doesn’t like people who disagree with her.

Later we see Sheree with Porsha shopping at  a wig shop for Cynthia’s Party.  The two talk about  the status of Porsha and NeNe? Porsha is pissed, she says NeNe said she should be fired on  Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happen’s Live.  As for the advice, Porsha said NeNe could have done that privately.

The Phantom Groom 

In her Bentley, Kenya calls her dad.  He is being questioned about Kenya’s posts on the internet.   Kenya’s dad is very outspoken and she did not want her dad to say anything to upset her future husband.   He tells her he just wants her to be cautious.


Noelle, loves her former step dad and asks Cynthia did she invite him to the party.?  Its clearly uncomfortable and she calls him.   He tells her he cant make it and you can tell it made her sad.   Its her first birthday without him .

50 Shades of Cynthia (The Party) 

Most of the attendees were in various shades of Cynthia.   There was a little Bravo cross pollination with  Toya and Quad from Bravos’s Married to Medicine.  However, Cynthia’s good friend Nene was awashed in white. She wasn’t trying to look like her good friend.

Sheree and Porsha arrive late.  Porsha, hugs Kandi and someone of the other women, but ignores Nene.   Kandi isn’t cool with the hug and say’s she cant be phony and leaves the area.  Meanwhile, Sheree wants Nene and Porsha to fix whatevahs wrong in housewives style at someone party.

Before I go on, this probably the only fail of the night.  The confrontation between Porsha and Nene at the party looked staged.   Nene’s hubby is sitting behind the ladies as  they go at it.  The camera focused he reactions of compete strangers  Ok Bravo, what’s that all about?

Nene want to know whats going on.  Porsha, said that Nene said on WWHL that she wanted her fired.  How can you want your friend fired right?  Nene said, I never used the words fired!   Before the fight escalates, Nene walks away.    On twitter, a lot of people was surprised!

Fans know, a vintage Nene would have gone off on Porsha, and she would end until Porsha left.   She would get in a verbal sparring match with anyone at anytime, taking no prisoners!   What we saw last night was a mature Nene.

Nene, is entertaining, and I’m liking the mature Nene.  Time will tell .

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See ya next week….

(I wanted to say Bitches-but I’ll wait)




Is Nene Leakes over?

It very possible Nene Leakes career ended last Saturday Night at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California after Nene told a heckler

I ain’t even gonna tell you about the goddamn Uber driver. I hope he rape yo’ ass tonight when he take you home, bitch,”And steal yo’ funky Hello Kitty, bitch.”

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The Boo’s came from Nene’s fans.  “

Nene Leakes is one of Reality Television’s biggest stars.  Most of her loyal fans know  her  her from Bravo’s Real Housewife of Atlanta.  RHOA’s superfan TV Producer Ryan Murphy cast her on Glee and the New Normal.  Leakes has appeared on Broadway in Cinderella and in Chicago. After leaving RHOA for a couple seasons she has returned for 10th Season.

Nene Leakes popularity made economic sense for Xscape Reunion Tour and her firing made economic sense for the group as they did so today.

Nene’s fate rests in the hands of public opinion.  Like many newscaster, actors and other public figures, she and her career may fade into the sunset.   Like many of these public figures she said she had a breakdown.  This will not matter to millions of rape victims who have seen the videos on social media.

Nene’s friends and colleagues have told her to be quiet. 

Last year “The Real Housewife’s of Auckland was pulled after a cast member called another cast member Nigger.


A few bloggers have reported Bravo executives are concerned  as the tenth season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres next month.

News At 11




RHOA: S8 EP15 “The Kenya Apologies-Maybe Its Love! Maybe It’s Maybelline!

Last nights episode was fun!

Dare I say it?  Nene has been a delight (so far) she hasn’t been mean and nasty.  She’s funny  and those facial expressions.

She brokered a peace deal between Kenya and Kim. (we will get to that later).  Sheree and ex husband Bob has added comic relief.

Fruity or Gay?

The episode began  where the last episode left off.  Is Kim Fields husband a fruity Pebble? Sheree who said she couldn’t stand the fakery (even though she played a small part in the controversy the night before) told Kim what was up, in front of the group . There were silent gasps. (Sheree will get her peach back as Bravo’s official messenger)

While most of the women felt guilty participating in the conversation,  Kenya didn’t give a shit and went all in.  Telling Kim that people in The Industry calls her husband Chrissy . BUT!! “I don’t think we care if your husband is gay or whether you guys are having tax problems.”  Yikes, who mentioned “Tax Problems?’  Stir that cauldron Kenya!

The Jesus driven Ms Fields excused herself from the group so she could give herself a thorough christian cleanse.  The devout one now uses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     worldly language (is fuck worldly or common?) and her middle finger now plays an important roll in the confessional.

Her hubby Chris calms her before she starts speaking in tongues.  He is clearly unaffected by the rumors and added, if he Googled some of the housewives/husbands he would see a lot of them in police photos.

Remembering Kandi and Todd

Remember the Tuckers?  The very pregnant Mr’s Tucker couldn’t make the trip to Jamaica.  Todd has an idea of opening a restaurant called the “Old Lady Gang”    Mommy in Law Joyce is supportive as is the middle sister Nora, but Bertha gave the idea her standard  “Hell No”

Take 2

Todd and Kandi finds a potential chef Javion for the restaurant and brings the Old Lady Gang” to taste test the food.  You got to love Bertha. She is the real deal.  He brings out the devil eggs, Joyce, Nora and everyone is loving them , Bertha isn’t feeling it.  Chicken and Waffles?  The Chicken isn’t just right for Bertha. not crisp enough.  He offers her Salmon, shes not interested in  any fish or any kind. Take it away!  No Fish!

Javion is sinking fast, he’s dealing with Atlanta’s version of Chef Gordon Ramsey.  He brings out the ribs…..no one says anything at this point, waiting for chef Bertha’s approval.   She announces they are off the chain (to those who live in the suburbs this means fantastic)

Todd bypasses Joyce and Nora and asks Bertha if she is on board with the restaurant idea? after a dramatic pause ,he gets a yes..   Todd acts as its done deal, but  landing the perfect chef may be an issue, as Bertha is quick to say Hell No!


Read School Is in Session

Phaedra the Queen of Shade and Nene the Queen of Read takes Kim Fields under their collective wings.  The only person is missing is Sheree  who can throw shade and read at the same time and like Nene she go street in 20 seconds.

They are preparing Kim for Kenya and the results are hilarious.  Kim feels she is above this but the two women feels she needs it to survive.   Phaedra and Nene roll play, with Phaedra being Kenya and Nene being Kim.  Phaedra being the resident Southern Belle, never uses a word would cause her to be thrown out of church and yet she can skillfully Ginsu any opponent before they’ve realized they have lost a limb.  Nene will get her ass thrown out of church every single time.   Her coolness has about a five minute limit, from there its on.

In the role playing,  it was all lady like until Phaedra(Kenya) called Nene’s (Kim) man gay. Where Nene came back “Ah wait a minute Bitch!”

One gets the impression Kim was thanks, but no thanks.  Her schooling may be invaluable should she choose to stay on this show.


Peter Thomas’s Jamaica 

Bravo’s field trip was a success. Kenya into herself, licking her wounds of rejection, continued to separate herself for the group.  At the water park, she was needlessly competitive.  She and Matt missed most of the entertainment during the evening.

Peter and Cynthia were on the mend.  Sheree cautiously  enjoyed the company of her ex. Bob Whitfield. Phaedra through herself in the revelry joining in with the dancers. Oliver and Porsha bonded.  Nene and Greg were Nene and Greg.  Matt and Kenya bonded and Kenya glowed. Peter said, Matt told him he loved Kenya.  Peter said, Kenya was misunderstood, and was a very nice person. (Computer say’s whatttt!)


The Sit Down (Kenya and Kim)

At dinner, Nene brings up a conversation she had with Phaedra and Kim. Kim still uncomfortable with confrontations wants to pass.  But Nene want them to move forward.

Kim’s opening line was a bit confusing, it starts off as if she is going to accept an award. But she starts off saying they either need to be civil or not talk at all and she say’s it’s disrespectful for Kenya to be talking about her family.

Kenya goes on the defensive,  “Well I’m glad you can speak for yourself”  Nene and Cynthia called her and reminded her how Kim was respectful.   Kenya came clean  and apologized (mark this date on you calendar ) and realized she was caught up in her feelings.  Kim and Kenya agree to move on respect each other.

The Kenya Apologies

On the next day. Cynthia impressed with Nene wants her to facilitate the conversation between she and Kenya.   Nene declines.

Cynthia is a nice woman, but a weenie, she avoids confrontations at all cost and in this group of women, she brings the wish into wash,the flip into flop.

Kenya’s only friend in this group has been Cynthia. Cynthia had her back.  Kenya’s error was her sense on entitlement and Kenya thought Cynthia was being disloyal for choosing Kenya and went into super brat mode.  Directing her anger and sites on Kim.  But Kim showed up at the meeting, Kenya didn’t and felt entitled due to their friendship. In the real world you don’t get a  second chance.

She struck back at Cynthia due to Cynthia’s flip flop on their relationship.

Nene’s return just added another log on the fire with the brat feeling she was being replaced.  Kenya admitted being caught up in her feelings and apologized .

Kenya apologizing?  Perhaps Matt’s bringing out her softer side or maybe its Maybelline!



Phaedra is not buying the Kenya Apology, your thoughts?

What did you think of the trip?


Last Week Peaches of the Caribbean 



RHOA: S8 E11 “Nene’s Back

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 1/17/16: Season 8 Episode 11 "Ms. Parks Goes to Washington"

The Real Housewives has (so far) taken a different direction this season.  There are fewer long extended fights between the women.  This season there seems to be conflicts then a quick resolution within a couple of episodes. No more three four episodes of fights and endless arguments.  This trend began on RHNY last season and continues in Atlanta.  Thanks Bravo.

“Kenya’s Absentee Mommy”

We begin with Kenya and Cynthia at the site of Kenya home which is under construction.   They discuss Kenya’s family reunion and the drama surrounding her birth mom.   Its difficult not to feel for Kenya who just wants answers from the mother who didn’t want her.  She tells Cynthia after the reunion she has and had become closer with her dad.

While she has closure with her mom.  She needs closure with her Aunt Lori.  Lori, who flew to Detroit didn’t attend the reunion.  Lori said her sister called and was upset by Kenya’s impromptu visit and feels Kenya should have called first.  Kenya is hurt that her Aunt took her mothers side.   A mother we learn, who would not acknowledge Kenya’s presence at events where they were both present.

Lori feels, while she loves Kenya ,her mom had every right to give Kenya away.  Kenya responds, telling  her aunt that she has no issue with being given away. she takes issue with the way her mother has treated her since she has come back into her life. Kenya tells her aunt that she is tired of being ignored. Kenya then tells her that after being at the house and that final confrontation “a dark cloud had been lifted off of her and she felt lighter.”Its odd, Lori a mother of a daughter would not attempt to facilitate some type of meeting between the two.

She’s till Monster Joyce!

My favorite part of last nights episode is when Kandi and Todd went to Monster’s  house to see of they can get the sisters Bertha, Nora and Monster Joyce to help with a restaurant they are proposing.  The family is in full attendance.  Now I’m not sure if Monster Joyce had some liquor in her sweet tea, because she was super sweet.  (Perhaps she read the blogs-as she was right behind  Kenya as the least like person on the show)    She grabs  Kandi with a squishy rocking hug with a very loud “I love you”!   (someone taste test her tea!)

But the killer was Todd( the man she wanted to wipe off the face of the planet or Georgia ) she grabbed Todd with even more enthusiasm “I LOVE YOU”  “HOW YOU DOIN !”  Todd’s expression was one of shock!

Todd lays on the Butter, who’s the best cook? Bertha tosses her hand up “I am!”   He tells the ladies he is thinking of opening up a restaurant called the “Old Ladies Gang” . Bertha (who never fails to give us one ) say’s “Oh hell no!”  Not the reaction he was hoping for. The rest of the gang was silent, including his loving mother in law Monster Joyce.   He applied more butter, crickets.

The Main Event

Ms Parks Goes to Washington

Phaedra goes Washington to participate in the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. She takes her well behaved 5 year old Aiden.   She invites Kim ,Porsha and Sheree. Kim brings her two boys and Sheree brings her 6.6 foot son.   Phaedra has an organization called Save Our Son ‘s and she meets with various politicians.  In a very touching moment she meets a group of women called Mothers for Justice United, who shared their stories of their sons being killed and the effect on their lives.

Kim travels alone with her two sons a twenty month year old and a poor behaving 8 year who vocally found everything boring.  She later says she didn’t doesn’t want him to be exposed to concepts that he can’t fully comprehend yet. Phaedra says she doesn’t have “the luxury of sugarcoating reality” with her sons.  Kim didn’t participate in the luncheon because of a squirmy 20 month old (understandable) and leaves before the march because she had obligations back in Atlanta . (Why did you come again?)

“The Return of Nene”

The big build up with the self proclaimed Queen went no where.  The Leaks and the Thomas are together again.   Cynthia and Nene, Nene and Cynthia was awkward. The two have been communicating but Nene still has Cynthia blocked on social media.   While they seemed to be happy seeing each other, Cynthia 2.0 is a different woman. She tells the queen, that Kenya is her girl.   Nene doesn’t like being #2 or Kenya. So we will watch what happens next.

Are you Buying the Sweet Monster Joyce?

   Last Week


Sacratomatoville 10 for 2015

Sex, Politics, Relationships, Reality TV, Stupid People, Sports, Celebrities and  Sacramento are just some of the topics we cover here at the Sacratomatoville Post.    With Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation three of the top 10 post are about transgender individuals   Sexual harassment accusations  against the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Sacramento occupy two spots in the top Ten and while there are many stories about Donald Trump, not one entered the top ten.


Top Ten Stories for 2015


A Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner Journey has educated millions of Americans.  Before Caitlyn there was Christine Jorgensen



Trans-gender pageant

 Last Summer Britain Held its first transgender pageant



Sacramento City Hall rocked after a sea of accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment against elected officials In May, a staffer accused Mayor  Kevin Johnson of sexual misconduct.  Then Warren Allen the Vice Mayor was accused of sexual misconduct. A former department supervisor was accused of sexual harassment, finally Pro Tem Angelique Ashby  was accused of workplace mistreatment of a City Employee. The city staffer withdrew her complaint against the mayor.  What followed was a national reopening of other accusations of sexual misconduct by Kevin Johnson, some dating back more than 20 years.   Mayor Johnson announced he will not seek a third team.




Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland was bored, bored, bored beyond belief, so she thought she would make some X rated videos in the library at Oregon State.



Dr. Seuss drew ''Cross-Section of The World's Most Prosperous Department Store" for "Judge" magazine in 1929

Dr Seuss known for children drawings also created mauy racist drawings, this one went for auction in California last May.    The 1929 color illustration for “Judge” magazine depicts a blatantly racist scenario and uses a slur to describe black people. It’s being auctioned for a minimum bid of $20,000.    In the four-panel drawing titled ”Cross-Section of The World’s Most Prosperous Department Store,” the artist depicts scenarios in which rich men can purchase items to make their lives more difficult. Dr. Seuss’ history of creating offensive caricatures isn’t a secret. His World War II depictions of Japanese people have drawn criticism for their portrayal of stereotypicial physical features and behaviors




There was a time in America when a TV couple like the Ricardo’s could not sleep in the same bed.     A time when different races couldn’t touch in the cinema and some people liked it that way.




First the Mayor and then the Vice Mayor ,Warren Allen  If you had to choose one of the Scandal’s for the foundation  of a Soap or Reality TV Show its Warren!    Delia Chacon, 45, said Warren created an atmosphere of “quid pro quo sexual harassment” between Aug. 26, 2013, and June 8 of this year.     Unlike Johnson, Warren’s  accuser Chacon had details, even went to his place in Oroville and knows many many  details about the Vice Mayor  and has accompanied Warren on many many trips.    Bravo and Lifetime could bring life to this story.



The underside of the SAS bridge deck of the new eastern Bay Bridge span is seen in San Francisco, Calif. on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014. Engineers are monitoring areas where small amounts of water is seeping into the structure, a situation which is not uncommon, according to spokesman Andrew Gordon. Photo: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle

After two billion dollars, bolt breaking, premature rust, over 240,000 vehicles cross the bay on a bridge with a giant question mark.




Whitney Houston died in a bathtub in 2012.  In January, her only child was found unconscious in  a bathtub  in Atlanta.  She died later this year.




We’ve covered the Real Housewives of Atlanta for four seasons.  Good or bad, fans know Nene Leaks is not the one. She can chop up any challenger with her tongue.  But in Puerto Rico Claudia Jordan took down the Queen and didn’t break a sweat, leaving the sharp tongued Queen dizzy.  Within minutes the social media exploded, clips of the fight was repeated all over the country.  Fights broke out on Twitter and on You Tube.

Fans of Nene said she won, others said she was knocked out.     There are some who believe the Queen was responsible for Jordan’s exit. What ever happened.  Puerto Read Co was the number one story of the year



Real Housewives of Atlanta:Season 7 Reunion Part 3

Full size image

Season seven is finally come to a close, gosh!

Last night we begin where part 2 ended.    Firtingate!

Nene denying that she has EVER flirted with Peter,Lu Peter or Patricia.  Who agrees with Nene.  Now we know what we saw but Patrica was the gentleman, he said while he and Nene get along nothing ever happened between them.  Good move.   Then Peter takes it all away.  “if I’m gonna cheat on my wife, I’m gonna hit something big.”   Okay Everybody!


Kandi Burress and her husband Todd.  We get a look back at their sometimes turbulent first year together.  Kandi admits that maybe she’s been a little too open about their personal struggles on the show, but that’s just the type of person she is and when Andy asks her when was the last time they had sex. Kandi says, “Two days Ago”    Andy asked her did she get her boobs done?  “Let’s be clear: I’ve gotten fatter over the last couple years,” Kandi says. “My boobs, my thighs, my face, my arms– everything has gotten bigger.”   (pencils down)

Oh wait……..Mr Leakes had a comments about da boobs “Got Milk?”

Confessional, the Friendship Killer

Its one thing to learn via a third party,someone said something negative about you. Its another seeing and hearing your friend say something about you on TV or social media.   It would take a very strong person to look past the video.   The confessionals are taped later and edited into the episode.

That’s why a relationship that appears to be healed on camera, remains an issue during the reunion.  By the time the reunion airs, everyone has seen and heard what was said in the confessional .

A flash rewind then on to Nene’s Meltdown

Yes Claudia Jordan was there, sitting on the same spot on the sofa.  Her big contribution (they should have renew her contract after) Puerto Read Co, as she slayed the mighty Leakes.   (You know she is # 1 on Nene’s short list to be fired!) We review the beef between Nene and Cynthia. Kenya and Phaedra (see the Confessional Section)

Nene Breaks 

If there is one true romance, its is Gregg and Nene Leaks.  He is her rock and the love of her life.  He is the only one who can shift her and last night he gave us insight on his wife.

Andy asked Gregg,what really happened to Nene as a child. Gregg said Nene and one of her brothers were sent to Athens to be raised by her aunt. Her mom kept the other three kids. Nene wondered why she was abandoned and that pain has never been resolved.

Talking about her mother was too much, she walked off camera with Mr Jeff her buds and Cynthia.

Dr. Jeff’s diagnosis about the pain: “Pain is power but it begins to break you down.” Her breakdown was a breakthrough, Cohen said, and the fact the women were largely empathetic should make NeNe feel both less defensive and so over-the-top boastful around them. “I just think I’ve been misunderstood,” Nene said. “It’s really hard to talk about my mom or my dad. It’s just hard. Kinda of like, leave them in the past, don’t look back.”

Cynthia said she respected Nene for her vulnerability and Nene accepted her compliment. Andy asked why Nene was so defensive to Dr. Jeff.

The therapist figured Nene never felt like she was ever given the respect due for her hard work and success. She instead has felt betrayed by people on the show in the past, causing her abandonment issues to bubble up. He said these women want to respect her.

“You are really showing strength by being vulnerable,” Kenya said.  This I find interesting as Kenya and Nene have strong abandonment issues from their mothers.

Kandi Keepin it Real

I know Kandi gonna take heat, but I love her realness.  When everyone was giving Nene a hug.  Kandi wasn’t feeling it.  As if to say, look I am for Nene, but I am not gonna be phony and show this woman love when there isn’t love between us.

Next Season 8

The ratings for RHOA is lower than season 6.  For m,e it was the storylines and Nene.  I am a Nene fan. but her shtick has gotten old and I seem to enjoy the episodes without her.  Bring everyone else back accept Demetria.  If Kenya or  Pheadra uses the word whore in a sentence they should be forced to wear clothes from Wal Mart for the rest of the season or shot.  Perhaps Brandi Glanville from RHOBH and Heather Thompson the Jewish Sista  from RHONY should join the Atlanta team