The I-NFL 1.0 “Women and Brady “

By CityFella The NFL currently earns 10 Billion a year. With lucrative sponsoring and  broadcasting deals they project their earnings to be more than 25 Billion by 2027. But there are cracks in its image.  Cracks that could  impact the future financial growth of the league.   I call it the ” I-NFL”  I forContinue reading “The I-NFL 1.0 “Women and Brady “”

Deflate Gate: An innocent man would handed over his phone.

“Integrity” If your an Indianapolis Colts fan you may question the Integrity of the game. After tt was learned that most of the balls were under inflated during the AFC playoffs.  There were many outside of Indianapolis who believe the game should have been forfeited .  The truth is, its very possible the Indianapolis ColtsContinue reading “Deflate Gate: An innocent man would handed over his phone.”

Basketball Wives Minus 3-Jennifer,Royce,Kesha Fired!

Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Kesha Nichol have had their last on air argument, last    on air fight. In the last regular episode of the season Queen Bee and co producer  Shaunie O’Neal was talking to her pastor, who recommended changes.      She is adamant,  it’s not her fault that the cast members wereContinue reading “Basketball Wives Minus 3-Jennifer,Royce,Kesha Fired!”

Sports costing taxpayers billions

Out with the old-In with the new 1.7 billion dollar Meadowland Stadium Home to the New York Jets and The New York Giants located in East Rutherford,New Jersey THE BUSINESS AND POLITICS OF SPORTS DeMaurice Smith to reach a new agreement that covers players working conditions, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wrestles with his state’sContinue reading “Sports costing taxpayers billions”