Anti-Beyonce Protest That Never Was

Photo: Glenn Schuck Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was outraged! He accused her of using the platform to attack Police officers.  Others said her SuperBowl performance that paid tribute to the Black Panthers was race-bating. An unnamed group using Eventbrite  a website where anyone with a working email address can create a meetup encouraged peopleContinue reading “Anti-Beyonce Protest That Never Was”

Justin Bieber gets grabby with Heidi Klum at Cannes

Heidi Klum and Justin Bieber attend amfAR’s 21st Cinema Against AIDS Gala in Cannes on May 22.Photo: Dave M. Benett/amfAR14/WireImage By Brian Hood/New York Post Never one for shyness, troubled pop star Justin Bieber tried to cop a feel while posing with Heidi Klum at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday. The 20-year-old pushed his luck as farContinue reading “Justin Bieber gets grabby with Heidi Klum at Cannes”

Snap Upload, A New York Subway Slobway Star is Born

If you see something, snap something. Straphangers are exposing slobs who have turned our trains into the New York City schlubway. Scores of Internet photos show slovenly passengers picking their noses, massaging their feet, clipping their toenails and eating smelly food. One cringe-worthy snapshot shows a woman with her pants pulled down and her bareContinue reading “Snap Upload, A New York Subway Slobway Star is Born”

New York Post declares war on Occupy Wall Street

Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid runs three covers in a row attacking the movement   From the beginning, Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post was never exactly friendly to the cause of Occupy Wall Street. When the NYPD arrested hundreds on the Brooklyn Bridge in one of the watershed events of the young movement on Oct. 1, mostContinue reading “New York Post declares war on Occupy Wall Street”

Just deserts for ‘Citizen Murdoch’

It’s a pity Orson Welles is no longer with us. He would be the perfect one to play Rupert Murdoch in the movie about the current newspaper scandal in Britain. Welles, of course, played the newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane (“Citizen Kane”) who died friendless, muttering the enigmatic word “Rosebud.” In “Citizen Murdoch,” Welles might mutter “Hacking.”Continue reading “Just deserts for ‘Citizen Murdoch’”

Grand Slam Tuesday ” Dirty Denny’s-Boring Bee-Sacramento Magazine-Power Balance Pavilion”

Its very difficult to ruin a breakfast, eggs, toast potatoes, fried meat coffee and Juice.  Denny’s has this down to a science, (they have some of the thinnest bacon on the planet)   This morning, I visited the Denny’s on Watt Ave off 80.  When I entered (about 8 am) the floors and some ofContinue reading “Grand Slam Tuesday ” Dirty Denny’s-Boring Bee-Sacramento Magazine-Power Balance Pavilion””

Scrap’Iron clunky sequel is mostly sloppy seconds

If the original was a well-oiled fun machine with Robert Downey Jr. as the rare un-anguished superhero who actually reveled in his powers, the overblown “Iron Man 2” finds our hero clanking his way through tedious subplots and a talky script that’s dangerously low on Tony Stark’s trademark quips. This megabucks sequel will likely reapContinue reading “Scrap’Iron clunky sequel is mostly sloppy seconds”