She spit on him cause he was doing wrong!

I bet she microwaves a fantastic Chicken Pot Pie.  Her kitchen counters are pristine as wipes with the quicker picker upper.  Her cakes looks like the pictures on the boxes of Duncan Hines.  I bet she goes to church every sunday and is an active member of the PTA. She doesn’t smoke and she followsContinue reading “She spit on him cause he was doing wrong!”

Licking your own snot- It’s cranky Friday

Flu, Gun Control, American Idol, Justin Timberlake . First things first, its flu-cold season Like millions of americans  I have the flu and I’m cranky .Like millions of americans I still have to work, to keep the lights on.   I sneeze and cough into a tissue, towel, or news paper.   I’m not shaking hands as this is noContinue reading “Licking your own snot- It’s cranky Friday”