Nicki Manaj Cardi B Part 4?

Nicki Minaj hires bartender sisters behind Cardi B brawl for music video By: Francesca Bacardi/Pagesixcom Nicki Minaj and Cardi B‘s feud might not be quashedfor long. The “Anaconda” rapper has hired the bartender sisters accusing Cardi of a brawl for her latest music video for “Good Form” featuring Lil Wayne. The sisters, named Baddie Gi and Jade, appearContinue reading “Nicki Manaj Cardi B Part 4?”

Fashion Week Throwdown: Nicki Minaj Says Fight With Cardi B Was ‘Mortifying and Humiliating’

  The hip-hop star addressed the incident on her Queen Radio show: “I could not believe how … we made ourselves look.”   By: Shirley Halperin\Variety   Nicki Minaj took to the airwaves on Monday afternoon to address her fight with Cardi B at a Fashion Week event in New York City on Friday. Speaking onContinue reading “Fashion Week Throwdown: Nicki Minaj Says Fight With Cardi B Was ‘Mortifying and Humiliating’”

The Countess Lu, wilds out in Palm Beach! Is she the next Remy Ma?

” Money can’t buy you class”  Countess Gone Wild! The official Mug Shot. (That face would cut a bitch) Luann de Lesseps, the sassy brunette star  of  the Real Housewives of New York . Was a one women Wrecking Crew in Ritzy Palm Beach Florida. Reports say the LuAnn wasn’t ” Countess” like, as sheContinue reading “The Countess Lu, wilds out in Palm Beach! Is she the next Remy Ma?”

Young king of net vulgarity

New Zealand-born Tristan Barker is wanted by authorities in Australia over comments made on the internet. THE son of a top musician has been unmasked as Australia’s most prolific internet troll and is being investigated by detectives for online stalking. Tristan Barker, 18, who has a track record of terrorizing vulnerable members of the community, said hisContinue reading “Young king of net vulgarity”

Licking your own snot- It’s cranky Friday

Flu, Gun Control, American Idol, Justin Timberlake . First things first, its flu-cold season Like millions of americans  I have the flu and I’m cranky .Like millions of americans I still have to work, to keep the lights on.   I sneeze and cough into a tissue, towel, or news paper.   I’m not shaking hands as this is noContinue reading “Licking your own snot- It’s cranky Friday”

It’s a Nicki, Nicki, Nicki Minaj Winter

Her way over the top  wardrobe instantly makes one think of Lady Gaga.    Like Gaga, Nicki has a large fan base, she affectionately calls the “barbz” this base  goes where no other rapper has gone before as she appeals to small children and adults. Her debut album “Pink Friday” was released in November, 2010 and in 2011 she scoredContinue reading “It’s a Nicki, Nicki, Nicki Minaj Winter”

Friday Mash Up “Whitney”

WHITNEY HOUSTON  (1963-2012)  Tip your I-pod or Mp3 players to  Jay-Z and Beyonc’e . Like most celebrities they could have made oodles of money selling pictures of their daughter “Blue Ivy Carter” to People or some magazine.  They chose instead to download the picture on the internet for everyone to see.   “Money Can’t Buy You Class” Meanwhile backContinue reading “Friday Mash Up “Whitney””

BET Says’s No To Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Ho’

Madonna, Lady Gaga,Prince, and other have used shock in there musical careers.  Shock has served Nicki Minaj well.  BET (Black Entertainment Television) finds her song “Stupid HO’ too shocking. According to TMZ. The network, which had long been criticized for airing sexually suggestive music videos, wouldn’t say why they chose to keep the clip off theContinue reading “BET Says’s No To Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Ho’”