Why elitism is dragging France down

  France‘s National Assembly where the corridors are patrolled by an elite who are not good at doing their job, argues author Peter Gumbel. There is no egalité when it comes to France’s ruling class, which is dominated by an elite clique where a ‘jobs for the boys’ culture prevails, argues British author Peter GumbelContinue reading “Why elitism is dragging France down”

French gay Muslims: Muhammad would approve of our marriage

A Muslim who became the first French man to marry his same sex partner in an Islamic religious ceremony has said that if the prophet Muhammad were alive today he would be happy to marry same sex couples.Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed (right) and his partner, Qiyaammudeen Jantjies-Zahed Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed was born in Algeria in 1977 and movedContinue reading “French gay Muslims: Muhammad would approve of our marriage”

Twitter Power ! Clever (yet illegal) tweets circumvents French law

In witty, bemused and often cruel posts, Twitter users on Sunday circumvented tough French laws banning the prediction of election results by incorporating World War II codes. Twitter users turned Sunday’s French presidential election into a battle between a green Hungarian wine and a red Dutch cheese in a bid to get round tough laws banningContinue reading “Twitter Power ! Clever (yet illegal) tweets circumvents French law”

A shooting drama shakes ups France’s Presidential Race

Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah was killed in a police assault on Thursday, but the dramatic events he triggered threaten to completely change the course of France’s upcoming presidential election Exactly one month before 43 million French people head to the polls to pick a new president, one dead gunman upended the entire election. The dramatic incidentsContinue reading “A shooting drama shakes ups France’s Presidential Race”