Hotel Confidential: The six week Ghost

A robbery, then a murder suicide in the first two months after the  hotel opens .   Every fall a ghost visits the hotel.  Locked electric doors open at night,   Many of the hotel housekeepers say they have seen him on the first floor.   Some of the employees are amused others are frightened.Continue reading “Hotel Confidential: The six week Ghost”

HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: It’s My Pleasure to Be Your Night Auditor

I also enjoy those imaginative little surpirzes you leave me in the stairwells. The unwrapped poopie diaper, the chucky vomit (which I find easier to clean than the puree type), and of course ,the night wouldn’t be complete if Ididn’t get to clean up a hallway full of chewed and spat out sunflower seed husks. My alltime favorite by far was the cleverly devised trail of partially sucked-on jelly beans during easter weekend that led me on a marry cleaning spree down two hallsways and up three flights of stairs ending at a colorful,sticky pile near your doorway. I wonder if you’d noticed your little dears were out on their own having such fun.