SNR Review’s (“District 30)

This is one of the first reviews (from Sacramento News and Review) of District 30  Downtown on K Street.  Sacratomatoville will review the club next month. From SNR Last Thursday, I brought a local electronic producer and good friend toDistrict 30—K Street’s spankin’ nu, publicly financed nightclub—for some perspective. Dance clubs outside Sac, I knowContinue reading “SNR Review’s (“District 30)”

Mermaids Downtown?

Aimee Alejandra, left, and Ellen Hancock practice mermaid moves in the giant aquarium above the bar at a new nightspot downtown. They will be part of the decor at Dive Bar on K Street, which is one of three entertainment venues opening there soon. Aimee Alejandra and Ellen Hancock take a breather from mermaid practiceContinue reading “Mermaids Downtown?”

As Nightclubs growth in San Francisco and Oakland slows, Sacramento’s Nightlife Expands

Sacramento, was the place San Franciscans stopped to grab a bite and buy  gas on route to Reno/Tahoe . In the last couple of years quite a few people from the Bay Area have visited Sacratomatoville.  They walked along side us in short pants(imagine wearing shorts in San Francisco)  on our 2nd Saturday’s, visiting our museums, art galleriesContinue reading “As Nightclubs growth in San Francisco and Oakland slows, Sacramento’s Nightlife Expands”

a 6 foot 8 drag queen and JJFad & FamilyForce 5

My friend and former roommate planned a night out..  It had been a while since we’ve been out together.  The last time we were out  we stopped at the Touch Club and listen to live blues, the club was the second choice but neither felt dressed up enough to step into Dreams next door. AfterContinue reading “a 6 foot 8 drag queen and JJFad & FamilyForce 5”

Review: Strike’s Rocklin and “The Junk Funkies”

There isn’t much to do in the burbs at night.   After the Mall there is the Multiplex, 25 screens and surround sound.  If you want more, you’ll have to venture into the city.      Enter “Strikes” a Family  Entertainment Supercenter.  (with two locations in the Sacramento Area) where you can Bowl, Play Arcade Games, Lazar Tag,Continue reading “Review: Strike’s Rocklin and “The Junk Funkies””

12:06AM 72 degrees

The streets seems quieter than normal last night in Sacramento.  While there was activity outside at traditional hot spots  Harlow’s, Faces. It was relatively quiet. Old Sac was a Ghost town…. A victim of the Economy? or two much competition from the midtown/downtown clubs… While there were lines outside of Dreams (which is reportedly forContinue reading “12:06AM 72 degrees”