The Worlds Tallest Unoccupied Building

Jacopo Prisco, CNN In 1987, ground was broken on a grand new hotel in North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang. The pyramid-shaped, supertall skyscraper was to exceed 1,000 feet in height, and was designed to house at least 3,000 rooms, as well as five revolving restaurants with panoramic views. The Ryugyong Hotel — named after a historical moniker forContinue reading “The Worlds Tallest Unoccupied Building”

Imagination Unleashed: Donald Trump in North Korea

Come on to my house( I’m gonna give you candy)……….. Donald Trump crossing the border into North Korea? 45 isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed or the sharpest tool ANYWHERE! Kim has played you several time? “Is it LOVE? Da Donald is the FIRST sitting US President to enter North Korea For a moment,Continue reading “Imagination Unleashed: Donald Trump in North Korea”

The Experiment Failed: Time for Trump To Go!

I voted for Hillary, she didn’t win. I also voted for John Anderson, he didn’t win.  Voted for many candidates through the years who lost. I swallowed and gave them my support.  None of those politicians brought us this close to war.  None has been as cavalier as Donald Trump who’s reckless Tweets could provokeContinue reading “The Experiment Failed: Time for Trump To Go!”

Lets create a war with Korea. Perhaps this will slow the Russian Investigation

 North Korea Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho (Photo: AFP) Far fetched?  Based on everything that has happened (so far) with the Trump administration is this the idea far fetched? Yesterday,  North Korea Minister Ri Youg Ho accused Donald Trump of declaring war with his country after tweeting ” North Korea wont be around much longer”Continue reading “Lets create a war with Korea. Perhaps this will slow the Russian Investigation”

North Korea nuclear threat: should California start panicking?

As rhetoric between North Korea and the US ratchets up, should major cities on the west coast be worried about a missile strike? Experts say the answer is tricky Unidentified rockets at a military parade marking the 105th anniversary of the birth of late North Korean leader Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang on 15 April 2017.Continue reading “North Korea nuclear threat: should California start panicking?”

Scary Stuff: Russia warns US/US sends war ships toward North Korea

North Korea is vowing tough action to counter any moves by the US after it sent the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and its battle group to waters off the Korean peninsula. Photograph: Lee Jin-man/AP “He’d bomb the shit out of them” For years, The leaders in North Korea were like a mischievous child.  MakingContinue reading “Scary Stuff: Russia warns US/US sends war ships toward North Korea”

Would 45 go to war with North Korea to increase his approval ratings?

  His first days as president has been a disaster.  Inauguration crowds, illegal voting, Obama Wiretapping, Russia, Travel Restrictions and Ryan care.   His supporters are growing restless.  His budget isn’t well received and his distractions (tweets) are less effective. While the scathing editorials from the big cites like Today’s, Los Angeles Times bruise hisContinue reading “Would 45 go to war with North Korea to increase his approval ratings?”

Strange but true: North Korea owes Sweden millions for Volvos from the 1970s

Pyongyang still owes Sweden a lot of money. Photo: Wong Maye-E/AP By: Lee Rodan/The Local You’re not going to believe this one… Odd stories and Sweden are no strangers, but the tale of how North Korea owes the Scandinavian nation millions in unpaid bills for items including a thousand Volvos from the 1970s is definitelyContinue reading “Strange but true: North Korea owes Sweden millions for Volvos from the 1970s”

North Korea 1, Sony 0 “Cyber Terrorist Wins

James Franco and Seth Rogen in “The Interview” (Credit: CTMG, Inc.) North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is not a fan of The Interview.  The cyber attacks worked. Sony is backing away from the 40 million dollar film (120 when you including marketing and distribution. The movie is too hott for Netflix and Comcast. What companyContinue reading “North Korea 1, Sony 0 “Cyber Terrorist Wins”

Fighting against our self-inflicted sanctions

BY: Robert Ehlert/ The Idaho Statesman The last time I checked, we were reserving economic sanctions for a select club of our sworn enemies: Iran, North Korea and others vying for positions on the Evil Empire list. But not ourselves. Yet here we are beginning Week 2 of GSA — and we don’t mean GeneralContinue reading “Fighting against our self-inflicted sanctions”