Pollution by Design

Realtor.com predicts Sacramento will be the strongest housing market in the nation this year.   In the last few years Sacramento, has been the fastest growing large city in the state. Cailfornians are moving to the central part of the state where home prices are considerablely lower than the coastal areas of the state.  InContinue reading “Pollution by Design”

Sacramento says: “L-NO” The Neighborhood Associations have spoken-Strong Mayor is Dead

By CityFella After six long years, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s quest  for more power (Strong Mayor) is over. Measure L, would have given the mayor executive authority over department heads and the city manager and the power to veto council decisions. Supporters for Measure L, raised over a million dollars vs an estimated 240 thousandContinue reading “Sacramento says: “L-NO” The Neighborhood Associations have spoken-Strong Mayor is Dead”

TRAPPED: Over 100,000 live in a Sacramento Community without medical services

With the Japanese tragedy, communities all over the world are revisiting exit strategy’s