30 Days to be a Family

 Last August, Arsenio De La Rosa had a stroke and doctors gave him only weeks to live. His kids were with him in Arizona, but his wife, Gloria, was an hour south in Mexico. Because she is unable to enter the country, she applied for a temporary permit to come to the U.S. to sayContinue reading “30 Days to be a Family”

“Little” Ben Carson says the Darndest things

By Theodore Schleifer and Eugene Scott/CNN Ben Carson is at it again. Carson struggled in an interview on Wednesday to explain whether he would support hiking the debt limit — the latest in a series of instances in which his comments have raised questions about his understanding of key policy questions of the day. OnContinue reading ““Little” Ben Carson says the Darndest things”

Bombs on wheels through Sacramento twice a Day?

By :CityFella Last February ,a CSX train carrying more than three million gallons of crude oil derailed in Mount Carbon West Virginia. The fires burned in this town of 2000 for days.  Each tank carried 30,000 gallons of Balkken Crude Oil from North Dakota. Hundreds of families were evacuated after losing their drinking water andContinue reading “Bombs on wheels through Sacramento twice a Day?”

Check her Out INTRODUCING “Soak”

NPR The first words Bridie Monds-Watson sings on her debut album double as a tidy thesis statement: “A teenage heart is an unguided dart.” The Irish singer-songwriter, who records under the name SOAK, made Before We Forgot How To Dream while she was still 18 — some of these songs date back to her earlyContinue reading “Check her Out INTRODUCING “Soak””

NPR vs Juan Williams: Just Sayin for Friday Oct 22

Juan Williams: The Statement NPR CEO Vivian Schiller:  NPR Position Juan Williams comment about Muslims was  controversial.   Racists?  I don’t think so .  The statement makes me uncomfortable  however, his sentiments is shared by many.        After listening to Ms Schiller statement it seems NPR  commentators are not allow to have an viewpoints .    Wish leaves meContinue reading “NPR vs Juan Williams: Just Sayin for Friday Oct 22”