Dependency: a ticking French timebomb

The problem of the aging population and people’s future dependency needs is not being addressed sufficiently by the state, associations helping the elderly fear. Private insurance is increasingly popular THE ticking demographic time-bomb of France’s increasingly aging population and its dependency issues urgently needs to be addressed by the state, warns a federation of associationsContinue reading “Dependency: a ticking French timebomb”

Anna, 105, offered spot in Swedish preschool

A 105-year-old Swedish woman was surprised recently when she received a letter explaining she had been offered a spot at a local preschool class. Anna Eriksson, 105, lives in a nursing home near Tierp in eastern Sweden, about 130 kilometres north of Stockholm. But the Swedes‘s three-digit age didn’t stand in the way of her receiving a letter recentlyContinue reading “Anna, 105, offered spot in Swedish preschool”

The Office Party: Everyone loves Cocktail Franks right?

    In the brain of Lily Tomlin lived a 73 year old evangelist names  Sister Boogie Woman she was one of the radio shows.  A letter was sent to Sister Boogie Woman from  lady who lived in a nursing home.  The lady complained about the home always serving  Jello.   Sister Boogie Woman advisedContinue reading “The Office Party: Everyone loves Cocktail Franks right?”