McDonald’s cashier beats back unruly customers

A cashier at a New York fast food restaurant has been charged with felony assault for beating two unruly customers with a metal object during an argument. The women remain hospitalized in serious condition, police said. The incident occurred at a McDonald’s on West 3rd Street about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. The two 24-year-old women enteredContinue reading “McDonald’s cashier beats back unruly customers”

Skipping out on the check…….

forget penniless students. New York professionals are now shirking their restaurant bills Adam” is a waiter’s nightmare. The 35-year-old accountant, who lives in Brooklyn and asked that his real name not be used, has been known to skip out on the check at restaurants. Once he and three friends racked up a $300 tab atContinue reading “Skipping out on the check…….”