Hard Times and Selective Palate’s in Downtown Oakland

Hard times can happen in a second to anyone. In 2008, millions of Americans who believed they where on a solid ground financially found themselves out of work. Millions lost their homes and cars. As a result, I’m one of those people who do not take life for granted. I’m always worried about money andContinue reading “Hard Times and Selective Palate’s in Downtown Oakland”

Is Nene Leakes over?

It very possible Nene Leakes career ended last Saturday Night at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California after Nene told a heckler I ain’t even gonna tell you about the goddamn Uber driver. I hope he rape yo’ ass tonight when he take you home, bitch,”And steal yo’ funky Hello Kitty, bitch.” The Boo’s cameContinue reading “Is Nene Leakes over?”

Anarchist,Opportunists: Tarnishes Brown, Ferguson, Oakland

Ferguson, Missouri Oakland, California By: CityFella I refer to them as low hanging bottom feeders. I find it very difficult to believe they are there to support the people in Ferguson or Michael Brown .     They walk amongst the people in peaceful protest, they often pray and sing with the protesters, but thereContinue reading “Anarchist,Opportunists: Tarnishes Brown, Ferguson, Oakland”

Stockton’s Bad Rep

What does The City of Stockton and Lindsay Lohan have in common?   Anytime they’re in the press, its bad press.   For Stockton, that means someone was robbed, or murdered.  Good news is in short supply in this city of three hundred thousand.     Last Sunday my friends and I toured the city.Continue reading “Stockton’s Bad Rep”

Katt Williams needs a time out

Katt Williams  is rapidly joining  the short list of celebrities acting badly .       The problem Katt is he  not quite there (a celebrity) yet.       Charlie Sheen has the bucks to buy a small american city.   Lindsey Lohan can get a gig         However, few outside theContinue reading “Katt Williams needs a time out”