Cake or cuddle? Both should be banned from the workplace

  No touching: offices, like hospitals, are for work not play CREDIT: SCRUBS TV STILL By: Rhymer Rigby/UK Telegraph Yesterday, The Faculty of Dental Surgery, an influential group of dentists, suggested that companies should tackle “cake culture” at work because it contributes to obesity and poor health. This is long overdue. In the past fewContinue reading “Cake or cuddle? Both should be banned from the workplace”

Britian: Fat People who refuse treatment may be denied benefits

Picture/Daily Mail UK Too fat to work? Almost 12,000 people received Disability Living Allowance in Britain last year because they have metabolic disease – the medical term for a combination of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.   Obesity currently cost British taxpayers 9 million pounds a year ($14US) Nearly one in five British secondary school pupilsContinue reading “Britian: Fat People who refuse treatment may be denied benefits”

Observaton: BIG PEOPLE Abusing Electric Shopping Carts In Wal Marts

Photo: Google Images    A few weeks ago there was yet another fight in a  Wal Mart.  Rebecca Mills was cruising in a suburban Wal Mart in Indiana on one of stores courtesy electric carts.  At one point ,Ms Mills became annoyed at a worker who was stocking shelves for blocking the aisle.    AmberContinue reading “Observaton: BIG PEOPLE Abusing Electric Shopping Carts In Wal Marts”

Alfred Hitchcock Returns

I have always been a big man,big tall and obese.   There are no sad tales, I dated in college, confident and did all the normal things.     Of course most of my life, I like a lot of people, didn’t measure up to the images on the big and small screens. So I dieted,Continue reading “Alfred Hitchcock Returns”

Miscellaneous Ramblelings about Gym Towels and the American Penis

Although I have lost quite  a bit of weight I still have a long way to go.   So I am back at the gym.  Last year I joined a discount Gym in Natomas  8 miles away.   This price was good and the facilities  was well equipped  but there are no showers, which meant if IContinue reading “Miscellaneous Ramblelings about Gym Towels and the American Penis”

Sweet Tea and Southern Eating

  Photo: Google   Thanks to McDonald’s people in the rest on the country are discovering Sweet Tea.   Yes, there has always been tea in California, Snapple, Lipton, and a host of other Tea’s.     In the South, Sweet Tea is a staple, in most of the country its  Coke or Pepsi ,Continue reading “Sweet Tea and Southern Eating”

Away from the famines, Africa confronts a new killer: obesity

Fast food and urban lifestyles bring scourge of the developed world to a changing continent By:Jeremy Laurance/The Independent  ×Businessman Cyril Ramaphosa took control of McDonald’s stores in South Africa last year In the public mind, sub-Saharan Africa is a region plagued by war, famine and disease. Now it faces a new threat – obesity. ItContinue reading “Away from the famines, Africa confronts a new killer: obesity”

468 Tomorrows

January 1, the beginning of a new chapter in your life.   This year is going to be different, for most people that new chapter is a distant memory by February. For me January first, was just one day in a series of tomorrows.   The process hadn’t worked for me, I thrive on adrenaline, lastContinue reading “468 Tomorrows”

I’m Fatter Than My Husband

Till pounds do us part? How one woman’s weight gain strained her wedding vows Photo: Google My antique wedding band, with its square diamonds and Art Deco milgraining, hugs my finger just as it did the day I got married. It’s the only thing that still fits.   Since getting hitched five years ago, I’ve packedContinue reading “I’m Fatter Than My Husband”

‘Plump my ride’: luxury car makers create bigger cars for fat drivers

Luxury carmakers have been forced to upsize their vehicles as a result of drivers and passengers becoming more overweight, it has emerged. Government statistics show that more than 60 per cent of adults in England and a third of 10 and 11-year-olds are obese “People are getting more obese and we want to find outContinue reading “‘Plump my ride’: luxury car makers create bigger cars for fat drivers”