Occupy West Coast: Losing their way. Just sayin for Tuesday,December 12,2011

I have long supported the Occupy movement, I believe they are slowly creating a voice for the disenfranchised  in this country. The symbolic closing of the Port of Oakland  last month was diminished by the anarchist in the organization.  Still in its infancy, the movement is without a rudder. On the West Coast, the movement seems to be losing its center.   Yesterday,Continue reading “Occupy West Coast: Losing their way. Just sayin for Tuesday,December 12,2011”

Gridlock Washington (No end in sight) a new strategy is needed : Just saying for Wednesday,Novemember 23,2011

What happens when your elected  official aren’t representing you? In a resent CBS/New York Times poll, the approval rating for Congress is 9%.  A Millionare Tax is popular in the red states often leading 2 to 1 in the polls. Over forty percent of Republicans polled,  are in favor of a Millionares Tax, 65% percentContinue reading “Gridlock Washington (No end in sight) a new strategy is needed : Just saying for Wednesday,Novemember 23,2011”

NOTE TO OCCUPY: “Stay Put”, Just sayin for Sunday, November 13,2011

Sometimes as we grow older, we are able to see both sides.   A billion years ago, Americans had strong feelings about the  Civil Rights of all Americans.    As a teenager, I had strong feelings about the Vietnam War, a million years ago about Nuclear Energy, a few years ago about our involvement inContinue reading “NOTE TO OCCUPY: “Stay Put”, Just sayin for Sunday, November 13,2011″

Herman Cain: A Royal Republican Pain in the Ass

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Anger spreads to Sacramento

In what , began in New York three weeks ago has spread to Sacramento, New Orleans and other cites across the country Thursday. An estimaed 500 protesters marched from Cesar Chavez Park to the Capital.  Sacramento Police arrested some of “Occupy Sacramento” the protesters yesterday.. “Occupy” is a rapidly growning grass roots movment that began in NewContinue reading “Anger spreads to Sacramento”