Cake or cuddle? Both should be banned from the workplace

  No touching: offices, like hospitals, are for work not play CREDIT: SCRUBS TV STILL By: Rhymer Rigby/UK Telegraph Yesterday, The Faculty of Dental Surgery, an influential group of dentists, suggested that companies should tackle “cake culture” at work because it contributes to obesity and poor health. This is long overdue. In the past fewContinue reading “Cake or cuddle? Both should be banned from the workplace”


Don’t bother with the bar scene. Skip the online meat market. The odds are good that you’re already surrounded by eligible women 5 days a week. They’re your coworkers, and one of them just might be a keeper Alice needed only 2 weeks on the job before she ended up in bed with Alex. SoonContinue reading “SEX IN THE OFFICE: WORTH THE RISK?”