Dakota Pipeline: Too Hot For Hillary and Donald?

Picure:Politico As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spar over African Americans, Hispanics and medical records.  Real issues are taking place all over the the country. Transfer Partners, a Texas based company is constructing a pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois.  The Dakota Access is a 1,170-mile pipeline that would, at peak capacity, deliver up to 570,000Continue reading “Dakota Pipeline: Too Hot For Hillary and Donald?”

The Downside of Cheap Gas, Layoffs

As American consumers continue to celebrate record low gas prices there is the other side. The current prices is too low for most American oil companies to pump oil out of the ground resulting in thousands of layoffs, the numbers range from 10, to 40,000 from the Dakotas to Texas, low gas prices is takingContinue reading “The Downside of Cheap Gas, Layoffs”

Portland Naked Bike Ride: A protest against’s Society’s Dependence on oil

By now it’s not much of a surprise to see thousands of nude cyclists riding through the streets of Portland come spring. “Oh look,” a passer-by might note. “It’s the naked bike ride again.”  The Portland version of the World Naked Bike Ride. The ride originated as a protest against society’s dependency on oil. ThomasContinue reading “Portland Naked Bike Ride: A protest against’s Society’s Dependence on oil”

Not for the Evening News? Fracking and Water Pollution

By CityFella: Oil, black gold ,Texas Tea.  The U.S is the middle of an oil rush.   The Energy rush has created boom towns.  six of the nation’s top 10 fastest-growing metropolitan areas are in or near the Great Plains. This includes oil towns like Odessa and Midland in Texas, as well as regional centersContinue reading “Not for the Evening News? Fracking and Water Pollution”