Wayback Machine (2013) When Ok Cupid Introduces you to people you know

(2013) If you’ve been in a long term relationship of ten years or more, you have discovered the world has changed.  No more meetings at the malt shop after the sox hop and meeting the love of your life sitting in the booth to your left. Wait, that’s not my life, I just finished watchingContinue reading “Wayback Machine (2013) When Ok Cupid Introduces you to people you know”

The $20 That Broke My Relationship’s Back

  My boyfriend’s “borrowing” ended us. ​ By: Suzannah Weiss/Marie Claire The fall semester of my second to last year of college, I was browsing my OKCupid matches when a cute musician’s response to the site’s “most private thing I’m willing to admit” caught my eye: “My cat was 100 percent deaf, and I still talkedContinue reading “The $20 That Broke My Relationship’s Back”

3 Homophobic Myths, Debunked!

I’ve already talked a  little,  last week, about how upsetting I think it is when people have biased ideas about people who have sex with members of the same gender. And today I want to discuss that kind of bias a little more — and specifically to discuss how the mathematical analysts over at dating siteContinue reading “3 Homophobic Myths, Debunked!”