Old Sacramento Deserves More Than a Notion

  Sacramento’s Premier tourist destination is in need of more than occasional attention from the city.  The number of for rent signs seems to be increasing monthly.   On the weekends the area is bustling with tourist, in horse drawn carriages and filling the restaurants.  During the week there are few tourists and with fewerContinue reading “Old Sacramento Deserves More Than a Notion”

The 4th of July on the 5th 2015 “Sacramento Style”

  The Main Event from the West Side of the River The  Real Party was on the Sacramento River 8:30 PM 8:45 Pm 9 pm “Party Over There” Advantage:West Sacramento West Sac is the first community with housing that looks on to the river.  New homeowners can watch the festivities from their home. 9:30  OverContinue reading “The 4th of July on the 5th 2015 “Sacramento Style””

Sacramento Downtown Arena : David vs Goliath 2- Hail Mary or All the Kings Horses…….

One door may have closed on one of Sacramento bloodiest fights.  A new Arena for the Sacramento Kings. Two groups, Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork (STOP) and Voters for a fair arena deal collected more than 22,000 signature which would have allowed the Citizens of Sacramento, to vote on the controversial  $258 million dollars contributionContinue reading “Sacramento Downtown Arena : David vs Goliath 2- Hail Mary or All the Kings Horses…….”

MEGABUS Coming to Sacramento………Fares Starting at $1.00

UPDATE,  TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Megabus is coming to California, with the first Purple Double Decker buses rolling out of Sacramento Dec 12 from Old Sacramento (1020 Front Street ) to San Francisco and Sparks( Reno area) Nevada.   There will be 4 buses a day to San Francisco and 2 to Sparks. The parent companyContinue reading “MEGABUS Coming to Sacramento………Fares Starting at $1.00”

The real mayors of Sacramento

Each day, millions ‘check in’ on smartphone apps like Foursquare, where the top users are dubbed ‘mayors.’ Some mayors are strong, others just want to booze. All offer a real-time peek at privacy, partying and modern Sacramento At last month’s annual South by Southwest festival, the world’s pre-eminent social-networking experts converged on Austin, Texas, for aContinue reading “The real mayors of Sacramento”