Trump: Is it in his Kiss?

What is it about Donald John Trump?  That makes him so bloody irresistible that people discard every thing they know is true to get his approval?  Some go so far as to go to jail for this man.    A man who’s loyally is limited to his last name. Well respected individuals who have spentContinue reading “Trump: Is it in his Kiss?”

Omarosa Wins Primary in Every State

Omarosa wasn’t on any ballot yesterday.  But she won in every state.  Thanks to the President.  If you live outside of Connecticut, Minnesota,Vermont and Wisconsin you may not be aware there were major contests in those states. Especially after 9am on the west coast, as all the media focused on The Presidents tweet, calling hisContinue reading “Omarosa Wins Primary in Every State”

The Real White House (Part 719) DT: Omarosa is a Dog!

When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 14, 2018 Viewers of this reality show knows when this star gets scared.  HeContinue reading “The Real White House (Part 719) DT: Omarosa is a Dog!”

Omarosa Will Not Die ( Part 2?)

Donald Trumps former favorite black woman, refuses to die.  The woman TV Guide included in the list “The 60 Nastiness TV Villains of all time.   The reality star who has  appeared three times on The Celebrity Apprentice, The Ultimate Merger a dating show (created by the Prez), and a number of reality shows including beingContinue reading “Omarosa Will Not Die ( Part 2?)”

OMAROSA!!! will not die

 As for the state of the country? “It’s going to not be okay. It’s not.” “Its worse than anyone thinks? Omarosa Maigault Newman Omarosa Manigault left the White House for the Big Brother house and she is spilling the White House tea with cast members and the rest of the world.  Take a look atContinue reading “OMAROSA!!! will not die”

Random Silly Stuff in Words,Pictures and Video for Friday 12/15

Sunday Photo;Google The woman in the Walnut Creek Starbucks loves Obama, she says he calls for everyone in America to speak English.  The women speaking Oriental can stay in the Starbucks as long as shes Quiet. Monday  Valerie Curbelo needed a cigarette.   90 minutes is was much to long on the Southwest Flight from  PortlandContinue reading “Random Silly Stuff in Words,Pictures and Video for Friday 12/15”

4 minutes left for Sac’s Pie Thrower

Photo:ocregister via Google ill-con·ceived adjective  1.not carefully planned or considered. 2.”ill-conceived schemes” Examples:  1. Donald Trump Candidacy/Debate Performance 2. A reality show starring Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna 3. Sean Thompson hitting Mayor Kevin Johnson with a Safeway Pie ________________________________ Sean Thompson, Sacramento’s Activist Coconut Creme pie thrower made an apperance at Tuesday’s Council meetingContinue reading “4 minutes left for Sac’s Pie Thrower”

Sunday Reality: Rhoa: Porsha summons June Cleaver. Celebrity Apprentice: Put a fork in me, I’m done.

Last weeks, Celebrity Apprentice should have been my last, but friends (other bloggers) suggested I wait , Omarosa was going to be the project manager and there where going to be fireworks, those fireworks turned out to be dud’s.   Omarosa won and the other PM Dee Snider was fired.    So its official CelebrityContinue reading “Sunday Reality: Rhoa: Porsha summons June Cleaver. Celebrity Apprentice: Put a fork in me, I’m done.”