Dates so bad they’re amazing

Emma Freedman says we can all learn from these terrible dates. Picture: Toby Zerna   By Emma Freedman/ au “I JUST don’t know what is wrong with guys” one of my besties recently announced. “Like seriously, can you help me figure out what the hell is going on. Where are the normal ones?” she pleaded.Continue reading “Dates so bad they’re amazing”

New World Friends

If your over forty, how many friends have you made in the last ten, fifteen years?  How many through church,work, schools?  How many through bars, and social gatherings? How many via the internet? In the last fifteen years, the majority of the people I’ve met has been via the net.   Chat rooms, blogs, and otherContinue reading “New World Friends”

I Wasted 2 Years on a Man I Never Met

The author, Laurie Sandell, in New York City I remember the first e-mail I received from Jamie; it wasn’t exactly poetic. “Hello, you sound interesting,” he wrote. Looking back, it’s hard to believe what that simple line would lead to. He’d sent his note via At the time, I was nearing 30 and working asContinue reading “I Wasted 2 Years on a Man I Never Met”

That Mythical Magical #9

When you are super young you cant wait to grow older.    How old are you?  I’m am 8 and a half. The rush to 18 means independence.  21 means you can have a Budweiser with the boys. Then time passes at the speed of light and one day your 29.     All those thingsContinue reading “That Mythical Magical #9”

Is Lying in Online Dating Profiles Okay?

A study has found that people are okay with, and even expect, a certain amount of lying in online dating profiles. But what happens when the lies are bigger than a few inches or a few pounds? People you meet in a bar can lie about all sorts of things. Really, they can lie aboutContinue reading “Is Lying in Online Dating Profiles Okay?”