Gay Acceptance bad for Gay Neighborhoods?

Christopher Street, New York City By CityFella. Once upon a time in America. Black professionals lived in the same neighborhoods as non professionals.  Chemists lived next door to custodians.  Many businesses surrounding these neighborhoods thrived. There were limits to where Blacks and other people of color could live.   The issue wasn’t affordability. the issueContinue reading “Gay Acceptance bad for Gay Neighborhoods?”

Who is Sam Smith and Why is he Trying to Eliminate Grindr Culture?

You may not instantly recognize his name, but you’ve heard his voice. He currently has two songs on the charts, “Stay with Me and ” Latch”  By: KEVIN O’KEEFFE/The Wire Sam Smith is a rarity in the pop world, and not in the way you might think. He’s young, with a soulful voice beyond his years, butContinue reading “Who is Sam Smith and Why is he Trying to Eliminate Grindr Culture?”