Opinion: Oprah for Prez?

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Who doesn’t love Oprah?   I think you have to look for far and wide to find someone who hasn’t heard of her.    She is compassionate and inspiring.  Her quiet humanitarianism is astounding.    Her speech on Sundays Golden Globes  may have been her best ever.

The argument for Winfrey is image.  In 2020, America will need an Ambassador to restore the damage done by President Trump.   The argument against is the absence of political experience.

We currently have an experiment in office and the majority of the Jury say’s he isn’t working out.


The world of politics is ugly and brutal. Citizen Winfrey knows of the ugliness. Politician Winfrey has never experienced it.   If Oprah, could bypass our election system she would be President today.   But she can’t, in the months leading to November 2020 her brand will be tarnished.   The opposition will find something that will stick.

I”m one of the millions worldwide who love Oprah Winfrey, an incredible human being.   As much as I love her, I don’t believe she is qualified to be our next president.



For the love of Maury

Depending which side of the Sofa your setting on 1991 was the high point or low point for Television.

     September 9th, the Maury Povich Show Premiered

September 16th The Jenny Jones Show

                       September 30th The Jerry Springer Show

Talk shows were on fire. 

Oprah Winfrey had passed Donahue in the ratings.   By the late eighties Ms Winfrey’s show wasn’t as high brow as Phil’s and the audience ate it up. 

Maury, Jenny and Jerry Initially were lower quality copies of Oprah. Problem was they weren’t Oprah!

Over time each of the shows host found their niche.

By 95, Maury Povich was simply Maury and while the show covered many topics, by 2008,it came together with paternity testing being the central theme.

There are no surprises, the mother is convinced that the man she brought to the show is the child’s father.  Look at the forehead, the dimples, the little crinkle in the lip she pleads.   If the families are involved there will be loud denials  (That ain’t my child!) or the all purpose,it could be anybodies, shes a ho! 

The audience is caught up in the drama.   Finally, the results are brought to the stage and read by Maury, who learns the paternity when everyone else does. 

When it comes to Baby Alice, “You are NOT the father”   The mother is off, she runs up the stairs in complete shock and makes the (Connecticut Curve) and runs down the ramp or falls down the ramp on the floor where she is a heaping pile of tears.

I particularly  like when they don’t make the curve and bounce off the wall (yes, I have a sick twisted sadistic side) .   Maury often invites the women back to locate Baby Alice’s papa. 

I’ve always questioned where they find these people to completely humiliate themselves on National TV.  There was one women who was on nearly a dozen times trying to locate the father of her child.  

These people aren’t paid.  They are flown out for the taping, put into a hotel for one night and fed.         On a flight to Chicago, I met two young people from Auburn California on route to Ricki Lake show. It was their first time on a plane.  I asked if their parents knew? and their faces turned red. 


“Fast Fact”

For the first 18 seasons Maury was taped in the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York, where he show shared the facility with the Sally Jessie Rapheal Show and the Peoples Court.

In 2009. the show moved to Stamford Connecticut  where they now share a faculty with The Jerry Springer Show and the Steve Wilkos Show.

There are many people, who poo poo reality shows and shows like Maury. Springer and Maury have been on for 26 years.  So someone is watching  and if its you, we wont tell too many people.




Just because it zips………….

Remember this Oprah? If your under 35 probably not.  This Oprah went on a liquid diet and lost a ton of weight.  In the wagon is fat, the fat represents the weight she lost. The fat she hoped was gone forever.  Look at those jeans, the belt, her posture, I’m sure, as she was getting dressed, she said to herself, ‘I’m one hot bitch!”

After the weight returned I wonder  how long she held on to those jeans. its possible she still has them.  And Oprah, your still one hot Bitch!

A billion years ago I lost 122 pounds, like Oprah my weight was in the past tense, never to return.  I threw away my chubet clothes and headed for the Jean Factory on Market Street.  I spent my entire check on cotton and polyester shirts. (the fashion of the day).  No big and tall stores for me (past tense) .

I think I gained weight on the bus to my apartment, the clothes seemed tighter at home.   Within a week, there was a problem,  it had to be the Indian cotton, it shrinks faster than good ole american cotton.   Even the polyester and the plastic buttons were sub par, blame Bangladesh.

Weight has been an issue all my life. I have lost thousands through various weight loss programs.  However,what I learned from the first weight loss is to hold on to your clothes.

My closet is a virtual men’s store, with a wide range of sizes.  I try not to be too trendy, so a year or years from now I’m not stuck with pleated bell bottoms.  However, there was this pair of pants.  I bought them in Harlem. It was love at first zip.   I wore them out of the store.  They were the type of pants that made you stand taller.    I felt hot and sexy in these pants with the copper zippers.  Zippers everywhere, front, back, legs.   These where the pants I was going to be buried in.  Yessss, it was just that serious!

After a year or so, the pants ended up in my store until I could zip them again.  Every once in a while I would attempt to put the pants on. With every ounce of weight I loss ,I’d try the pants. . This went on for years. Then one day I was able to get them past my “we are the world thighs” but still unable to zip them.

One day ,I was able to zip of my sexy jeans sort of.   Never mind I could barely breath and the uber tight jeans didn’t look sexy.  They zipped. A win!

Getting in my car was dicey.  There was a small hole in the right thigh.  As I moved my foot  from the accelerator to the brake pedal, the hole grew larger.   Now a normal person would have returned home and put on a suitable pair of pants.  But I was at the mall already and since I was only going to J.C Penney’s the pants should hold up.

The Computer says No!

As I was getting out of my car, something ripped..  I furiously checked the pants, nothing. Well almost, the hole had gotten larger.  I parked on the upper level of the parking garage. The department I wanted was on the second floor. It was going to be a quick in and out.

They relocated my department to the first floor.   As I’m going down the escalator one of my prized copper zippers is now open, the good news there is a panel so no brown flesh is showing.

More good news, I could see the department, it was only a few feet from the escalator. My shirt I wanted was nearly front and center, as I leaned over to pick it up, the fabric in the back of my pants pocket gave way and I could feel air.  My white Fruit of the Looms are now visible to the shoppers.  (Briefs-pencils down)  I asked a person on the floor where the men’s room is , so I can inspect the damage.   Its on the second floor and the fucking elevator is on the other side of the store. So Its the escalator.

I stepped on the escalator and turned around.  Yes its was odd. As you move up every body can see your behind.  I wasn’t giving any one a show for free.   If they want to see my ass I want dolla bills!  Stepping off was tricky.(side step)

In the rest room, it was much worse than I thought.  It was the inner seam that ripped leaving me with one seam of defense and it was pulling.  The rear rip was bad,  it had ripped beyond the line of my looms and my left rear leg  was exposed.  The coveted zippers were twisted as if they  had been  in a massive earthquake, to make matters worse, the front zipper would not zip up.

When I returned to from the restroom, there was a salesperson watching me.  Finally a break, no one was at the cashier.   I had a reason to smile.   Just pay and out the door to my car.  I had learned my lesson for ever.  Just cause it zips doesn’t mean you should wear it. As I reached into my deep back pocket to get my wallet, the front snap popped off hitting the cashier, the front zipper broke.

I’m sure when she came to work that day, she had no idea a big black man pants would explode in front of her.



Diane Sawyer,Anderson Cooper,Oprah Winfrey,Matt Lauer, and Robin Roberts can secretly celebrate. Barbara Waters Retires May 14th.

By CityFella

Barbara Jill Walters has been in front of the camera for more than 50 years, interviewing Kings, Queens, and Bieber’s.  She gets the interviews other journalist ,would sell their souls for.

Last week, she interviewed V. for Vannessa Stivano at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.   She also met with Donald Sterling, who decided against an on air interview Friday. 

In 1997, she and long time business partner Bill Geddie created “TheView” where she is not only the co-executive producer, she is a part time host.  This was the first time america saw an unscripted, sometimes frazzled Barbara.   The View made her approachable.

Hello Your Life is Calling? 

On the May 10, 2010, episode of The View BW announced  she would be undergoing open heart surgery to replace a faulty aortic valve. Walters said she knew for quite a while that she was suffering from aortic valve stenosis, even though she was symptom-free.   She took four months off. 

Early last year, Barbara Walters fell on a stair and cut her forehead at a party held at the British Ambassador’s residence.  She was in Washington D.C to cover President Obama’s second inauguration.

By March, there was speculation from media outlets she was retiring  May 2014.    BW  did not confirm or deny.

On May 13, she publicly announced she was retiring from television hosting and interviewing in May 2014.   She will continue as “The View’s” executive producer for as long as it’s on the air.

It isn’t easy being First

Barbara’s life is filled with first’s.  She opened the door for women in TV journalism.  Those doors were difficult, she made less, was criticized more often and humiliated for being a woman in what was considered a man field.

She has been criticized for being driven.  I think that comes from pain.

Barbara Walters and Nigel Kippling

Nigel Kipping is a fictional character originally created by Lauren Weisberger and altered by Peter Hedges  for the book and screenplay “The Devil Wears Prada” 

“In the movie Nigel say’s”

‘This is the first time in 18 years I’m going to be able to call the shots in my own life.”     ” I’m going to be able to come to Paris and actually see Paris.” 

BW , has traveled the world.  I suspect her home is filled with many souvenirs. But how much of the world she has actually seen?

Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper, Oprah Winfrey, Matt Lauer, and Robin Roberts 

Can finally exhale, the queen is retiring.  Yes, you love, honor and respect her.

Let’s hope Donald Sterling or the next news maker can wait ten days.

For next 9 days, you will continue to do, what you have always done, gnash your teeth.



The Woman who ended Donald Sterling’s Association with the NBA

By: CityFella

V for Vanessa Stiviano ,the female voice on the infamous tape leaked to TMZ is the woman of the moment.   

Who is she, why did she date and tape Los Angeles Clippers  owner Donald Sterling?  

Her attorney Mac Nehoray, has said  Stiviano did not release the tape to any news media outlet.   She is currently the most sought after woman in the US.  With media outlets clamoring to hear her story.   Who will get her first? Barbara Walters? Oprah Winfrey? Diane Sawyer?   Or does she have a mysterious past too embarrassing for prime time.   Is there a book in the works?

Her life as she knew it is over.  This is her 15 minutes and every thing she has ever done is being analysed and dissected.

What we know so far…..

She is between 31 or 38 years old .  Her birth name is Maria Vanessa Perez .  Through the years she has gone by Monica Gallegos, Vanessa Perez, and Maria Valdez according to the LA Times.   Online, she describe herself as an artist, lover, writer, chef, poet, stylist and philanthropist.

  In 2010, Stiviano legally changed her name to V. Stiviano from Maria Vanessa Perez. Her stated reason in a court petition: She had not “yet been fully accepted because of my race.

“In the court papers filed by Sterling’s wife Rochelle, alleges Vanessa met her husband at the 2010 Super Bowl in Miami.

What she does is a mystery at this time. At one point in an advertisement  for a charity luncheon in 2011.  She was listed as a director of the Donald T. Sterling, Foundation.

Boyfriend? Vanessa says No, Mrs Sterling says yes!


“Neither Ms. Stiviano, nor this office has ever alleged that Ms. Stiviano is, or ever was, Mr. Sterling’s girlfriend, her attorney said in a statement.

On March 7, Rochelle Sterling filed a lawsuit.  In the lawsuit Mrs Sterling says  Ms Stiviano ” Engages in conduct designed to target,befriend,seduce and then entice,cajole ,borrow from ,cheat and or received gifts as transfers of wealth from wealthy older men whom she targets for such purpose”

That’s a lot of words-what she get? 

$1.8 million duplex,two Bentleys, one Ferrari, and one Range Rover and about $240,000 in “living expenses.” The allegation, then, is that Donald Sterling gave Stiviano about $2 million in community property without Rochelle Sterling’s knowledge.

Vanessa says (via her attorney)

Everything given by Donald Sterling was a gift; that gifts cannot be revoked by the giver, and that the Sterling’s are not currently seeking a legal divorce. 


Things that make you go hmm? 

Ms Stiviano attorneys insists she did NOT leak the tapes to the press.  How ever the timing is curious.   Rochelle Sterling filed the lawsuit on March 7th .   Ms Stiviano’s attorneys responded (answered) the lawsuit on April 21st.

TMZ released the tapes last Friday, April 28th.


Vanessa Stiviano Loves her Instragram (Could they hurt her?)

Vanessa love her pictures.  She has hundreds of them. With friend and celebrities.

Ms Stiviano has taken pictures with Presidents ,Kobe, Magic and a former pimp, Bishop Don Magic Juan. 

What did she win?

If Ms Stiviano and company set to bring Donald Sterling down they partially succeeded.  He is banned from the NBA .   If seventy five percent of the NBA owners force Sterling to sell the team (valued at nearly 600 million) he bought for 12.5 million.   He will still be a Billionaire, a racist Billionaire.   The question is, what did she win?


Set Your Clocks


15 Minutes





Who is Donald Sterling ? 


6 Reasons Actresses Over 40 Are Hotter Than Ever in Hollywood

6 Reasons Actresses Over 40 Are Hotter Than Ever in Hollywood

By: Todd Cunningham/The Wrap

For decades, the age of 40 was the point of no return for the majority of Hollywood’s leading ladies of film. But there’s been a seismic shift in the way the industry and moviegoers view “aging” top actresses, and today their clout and box-office muscle have never been greater.

Forty-nine-year-old Sandra Bullock is getting a ton of attention for her starring role in the space epic “Gravity,” but this was already a great year overall for actresses over 40. Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston and Melissa McCarthy all starred in breakout box-office hits.

And there are more high-profile movies with women over 40 in plum roles still to come. Emma Thompson will star opposite Tom Hanks in the Mary Poppins tale “Saving Mr. Banks,” due on Dec. 13. And later that month, 64-year-old Meryl Streep – who’s been an exception to the rule for some time – will be featured with Julia Roberts, who turns 46 on Monday, in the drama “August: Osage County.”

Their success has been artistic as well as commercial.

The five top contenders for the Best Actress Oscar, according to the GoldDerby.com experts, are Bullock, Streep, Thompson (54), Cate Blanchett (44) and Judi Dench (78). If those end up being the five nominees, the average age in the category will be almost 58.

There are a lot of reasons things have changed. Here are six:

The Box Office
Nothing breaks down barriers like a healthy bottom line and over-40 actresses have delivered this year.

Bullock and McCarthy were cop buddies in 2013’s biggest comedy “The Heat,” which has taken in $228 million worldwide. Jennifer Aniston drove the summer’s surprise hit “We’re the Millers.” And the popularity of 57-year-old Oprah Winfrey had a great deal to do with the success of “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” an Oscar contender that has already served up $130 million worldwide.

Their success has crossed genres, too. Vera Farmiga starred in the year’s biggest horror hit, “The Conjuring,” and Halle Berry topped the box office with the dark thriller “The Call” in March.

Even Gwyneth Paltrow, who played Tony Stark’s gal pal in the year’s highest-grossing movie, Marvel’s “Iron Man 3,” is 41.

Audiences Are Getting Older
A lot of the people who saw Oprah in “The Butler” also saw her in “The Color Purple” back in 1985. The same goes for “Gravity” viewers, who recalled Bullock in 1994’s “Speed.” That gives moviegoers a sense of connection, as with long-time friends.

“The Baby Boomer generation has been going to the movies all of their lives and they’ve never stopped,” said Catherine Paura, chairman and chief  executive of Capstone Global Marketing and Research. “They want to see narrative-driven movies, with strong stories that they can relate to. They’re in the habit of going to the movies, and they like them, especially when their stars are in them.”


More than a third of all movie tickets purchased in the U.S. last year were by people past 40, so these actresses don’t seem old to them at all. And Baby Boomers now represent 28 percent of the populace, so the trend is here to stay.

They’re Getting Better with Age
People watched Julia Louis-Dreyfus yuck it up on TV’s “Seinfeld” back when they were in their 20s and 30s and she was, too. But anyone’s who’s seen her nuanced portrayal of a discombobulated single mother taking a tentative step toward romance in “Enough Said,” has to be impressed with how far she’s come since her Elaine days.

“You look at people like her or Sandra Bullock and people say they’re hitting their stride as actresses,” said casting director Marci Liroff, who specializes in feature films and TV, “but they couldn’t have excelled in these roles without the career and life experience that they developed when they were younger. And I loved Elaine.”

Hollywood Is Wising Up
A decade ago, it would have been hard to imagine a film like this year’s “Blue Jasmine” making $30 million. But the Woody Allen joint in which Blanchett plays a middle-aged woman struggling to find her footing after her swindling husband is jailed has done just that.

While roles designed specifically for women of that age group remain the exception, Hollywood is making more movies that appeal to older audiences of late.


“The studios are seeing there’s an audience out there and saying let’s make something for them to see,” said Paura. “Look at last Christmas, when you had ‘Les Miserables,’ ‘Lincoln’ and ‘Argo’ all out there at the same time, all doing great business. It’s a realization that this is an under-served and very viable audience.”

Where progress is most apparent is with movies like “The Heat” or “Gravity,” in which the protagonists almost certainly would have been male a decade ago. And “The Heat” showed that women can be as foul-mouthed, obnoxious – and funny – as men.

Young Actresses Aren’t Translating
Other than Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, there aren’t many actresses under 40 who can sell tickets overseas, an increasingly critical component when movies are developed and cast today.

That’s not necessarily a gender issue – there aren’t many young men who can, either. But Roberts, Streep, Bullock, Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz can – while Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone and Amanda Seyfried generally don’t. But that’s nothing time won’t cure, according to casting director Liroff.

“These young women are at exactly the stage the legends we’re talking about were back then,” she said.

We Saw It on TV
“When you see a Robin Wright on ‘House of Cards’ or Jessica Lange on ‘American Horror Story,’ I think people and – and Hollywood — take notice,” said Martha Lauzen, executive director of theCenter for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University.


She gives the small screen a lot of the credit for women’s gains in film.

“TV has been leading the way recently. A few years ago, when Glenn Close was in ‘Damages’ and Kyra Sedgwick in ‘The Closer’ started showing how incredibly talented they were, I’m sure that some of that seeped into film.”

But Let’s Not Get Carried Away
While a number of elite over-40 actresses are making their mark as never before, the situation hasn’t changed that much for most of them. While 55 percent of film roles went to women in their 20s and 30s, just 13 percent went to women in the 40s, according to the 2012 report “It’s a Man’s (Celluloid) World.”

“Attitudes toward women, gender and age are deeply embedded,” said Lauzen. “These are very stable attitudes that take a long time to evolve, but with steady and continued success our culture will be moved.”

Rae Dawn Chong on Oprah ” 60 years ago she would have been a house keeper ” Ouch!

Rae Dawn ChongOprah Winfrey’s co-star in “The Color Purple” – blasted the talk show queen in an expletive-laden radio interview, crudely comparing her to a slave.

“She was that fat chick that was a cheerleader or the wannabe cheerleader in school that was the student council president that was the best friends with the principal…she was the fat chick in school that did everything and everyone loved her. That’s Oprah.”

Read More  http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/rae_dawn_chong_blasts_oprah_winfrey_CGjJw4HwEmkGILj12jikcP