Dr.Ben Carson: Surgeon, Presidential Candidate ,Comedian

Who is Ben Carson? I wanted to know who he was, I wanted to know his appeal and I wanted to know why people were drawn to him?  Perhaps I could learn something about him during the debates.  So I settled in, I knew there was going to be a show, D.T was front andContinue reading “Dr.Ben Carson: Surgeon, Presidential Candidate ,Comedian”

A dead Osama Bin Laden and that uneasy feeling

It was almost a typical Sunday evening, The Amazing Race was on,  and just as I was going to find out which team was going to be eliminated the show was interrupted by ‘A Special Report from CBS News  ” American Forces have killed Osama Bin Laden”   I listened without  reaction. I considered turningContinue reading “A dead Osama Bin Laden and that uneasy feeling”