Parents: Your Kids Don’t Owe You Anything

Photo: Getty Images Mr: Elizabeth Z Pardue/YourTango Recently, I watched a horrible woman loudly bemoan her choice to conceive to a mutual friend, her justifications for voluntarily bringing new life into the world being, “Well, my husband really wants kids, and I’ll need someone to take care of me when I’m older, so, you know,Continue reading “Parents: Your Kids Don’t Owe You Anything”

Mom, why are you being such a bitch?

Standing in line at Marshall’s on  Saturday.   “Mom’ can I get these shoes?  No Ashley! no more!   Mom! why your being such a bitch!   Nearly, everyone in line turned around.   Embarrassed, the woman turned around and said “Ashley” don’t you talk to me like that!  Ashley, said whatever, and walked away! This isn’t the firstContinue reading “Mom, why are you being such a bitch?”

‘I am scared my son will hit me’: the silent victims of child-parent violence

  Madeleine Jones is a solo adoptive mother to her son, who was born into a very violent home CREDIT:JOHN LAWRENCE   By: Madeline Jones/UK Telegraph My ten-year-old son was playing happily with my elderly aunt recently, until she jokingly tapped him on the arm for being cheeky. His face changed, his eyes darkened and heContinue reading “‘I am scared my son will hit me’: the silent victims of child-parent violence”

Trust, Love and Money: when the family wont

Someone had to help him everyone has abandoned him, his parents,his friends, he had no one! Is what she told the judge, on one of those judge shows. No one would help him ! I loaned him more than four thousand dollars. I got him a cell phone, paid for his broken tooth, bought himContinue reading “Trust, Love and Money: when the family wont”

The 10 Worst Things You Could Ever Call Your Child

By: Maureen Healy Ever call your child a brat? Words have the power to wound or lift our hearts. This isn’t new news. Of course, the challenge is when you are small and new to the world — the words you hear help shape your self-esteem and ultimately, worldview. Since I specialize in helping highly sensitive childrenContinue reading “The 10 Worst Things You Could Ever Call Your Child”

Daddy left Mommy for Tommy, or what to do when a parent comes out as gay

   Coming out to the kids in the midst of a divorce can make a fraught process even more difficult SUDI “RICK” KARATAs Excerpted from “Rainbow Relatives: Real-World Stories and Advice on How to Talk to Kids about LGBTQ+ Families and Friends” by Sudi (“Rick”) Karatas. Copyright 2018 by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. Just in timeContinue reading “Daddy left Mommy for Tommy, or what to do when a parent comes out as gay”

8 Scary, Long-Lasting Effects Of Having Narcissistic Parents

Photo: Google By: Craig Malkin/ Narcissistic parents are abusive. “Character is the trace of relationship,” wrote Christopher Bollas, the brilliant post-Freudian psychoanalyst, in his ominously titled but infinitely hopeful book, The Shadow of the Object. What he meant was that we all develop in context, gathering bits and pieces of the relationships around us and fixing them, unconsciously, toContinue reading “8 Scary, Long-Lasting Effects Of Having Narcissistic Parents”

Before I Do: Why History Matters

His or Her Past, may have a major impact on your future as a couple Sex and the Heart has ruined many relationships because they often distract from reality.     The heart wants one thing and one thing only, love.   The heart is hopeful, it tells the brain to overlook what it sees because loveContinue reading “Before I Do: Why History Matters”