There will be consequences if I am served a slice of sheet cake from Costco

I’m a BIG fan of Costco I love everything about the organization. Even the employees seem to like their jobs. Hands down they have one of the best beef hot dogs around. Don’t get me started on the Kirkland Mac and Cheese and those rotisserie chickens ooooooh sweet mama! If your having a party, itsContinue reading “There will be consequences if I am served a slice of sheet cake from Costco”

Sac Random: Peeing in the Sink

Through the years I’ve learned being the one of the last ones to leave a social event has its negatives.   Most of the fights take place towards the end of an event.  At closing time,  after he struck out for the umpteenth time or she thought you didn’t pay enough attention to her .  ByContinue reading “Sac Random: Peeing in the Sink”

The Rise of Groomzillas

Men are taking over weddings — scrutinizing seating charts, agonizing over color schemes, and vetoing bridal gowns. Midway through planning his April 2011 wedding to New York-based publicist Rhalee Hughes, 38, Yoav Perry, a tech entrepreneur, lost it. First, there was the issue with the florist (“I asked for yellow and white tulips, and theyContinue reading “The Rise of Groomzillas”