45’s Scooby Snack

Was 45 ever able to identify any of those three million illegal voters who cost him the popular vote?    Anyone talking about it? Last night, MSNBC’s popular Rachel Maddow  obtained copies of 45’s 2005 tax return.  She said, she received the documents from investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, who said on her show that heContinue reading “45’s Scooby Snack”

When will Trump Supporters Revolt?

The war between the GOP and the President is over. The just say no era is over.  45 is the Commander and Chief. In his first 24 hours he has signed two bills that will effect his low and middle income supporters.  Fewer of his supporter can qualify for low interest mortgage loans and heContinue reading “When will Trump Supporters Revolt?”

24 Billion thanks to the Tea Party (milk and sugar please)

24 BILLION DOLLARS 24000000000.00  Impressive Right? (so many zeros) That’s according to an estimate from Standard & Poor’s. The financial services company said the shutdown, which ended with a deal late Wednesday night after 16 days, took $24 billion out of the U.S. economy, and reduced projected fourth-quarter GDP growth from 3 percent to 2.4Continue reading “24 Billion thanks to the Tea Party (milk and sugar please)”

GOP’s white-on-white war: Shutdown ruptures party’s all-white coalition

Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor (Credit: AP/Alex Brandon) BY: Brian Beutler/Salon On Wednesday, the bottom fell out of the GOP’s Hail Mary “shut down the government over Obamacare” strategy. Perhaps not coincidentally, it was also the day that the party’s leaders tried to revise and soften the terms of the fight — to make itContinue reading “GOP’s white-on-white war: Shutdown ruptures party’s all-white coalition”

Paul Ryan: Just plain bad for women

  BY ZERLINA MAXWELL There is something missing in all the talk about the Paul Ryan pick. The focus has been on his economic views and his proposed budget, which would end Medicare as we know it. We need to start talking about his extreme views on women’s rights and social issues. Ryan may come off asContinue reading “Paul Ryan: Just plain bad for women”

One mans support of Obama Care

Obama Care is the one area where the Republican candidates for President agree,  Obama care will ruin everything American, it will weigh down the economy they say. Obama Care is the great unknown, its intent is to help millions of Americans who do not have health care.   If you have health care through your employer, you may viewContinue reading “One mans support of Obama Care”