Real Housewives of Atlanta(ep21) The Softening of Monster Joyce?

By: CityFella I hate myself for saying this…….. Many people love their dogs. For many they’re more than a pet, they are one of the family as loved as much as one would love a child. I couldn’t get into Kenya Moore histrionics about her dog Velvet. I know she loves Velvet.  But as muchContinue reading “Real Housewives of Atlanta(ep21) The Softening of Monster Joyce?”

57 Years Old and Hittin the Clubs

I love dancing, LUUUUV dancing.  I came up during the disco era.  I wore custom clothes, I designed a bullet proof polyester sleeveless jumpsuit.  I also had a custom vest ,on the back of my vest read  “The City” (that was the name of a popular disco in North beach San Francisco) Doctor Disco M.D.Continue reading “57 Years Old and Hittin the Clubs”